Follow the latest changes, improvements, and new features released to the Koyeb platform.

May 28, 2021

Improvement - API Documentation

The API Documentation was completely redesigned and updated to include new endpoints. Deprecated endpoints have been removed. We also updated the introduction of the API documentation with clearer instructions on how to get started using the Koyeb API.

May 26, 2021

Feature - Add Azure Container Registry Support

Deploying from an Azure Container registry required manually creating a new Secret to store the ACR configuration.

We streamlined the process by adding Azure Container Registry to the list of registry providers on the service creation page, so you can now easily deploy Docker images from Azure Container Registry.

May 24, 2021

Feature - Server-Sent Events (SSE)

Our edge network was not allowing you to use server-sent events in your application.

Server-sent events are now natively supported on all applications.

May 21, 2021

Feature - Service Mesh & Discovery available for all Apps

Our built-in Service Mesh & Discovery is now fully operational. All the services inside an App can now communicate securely using the Koyeb mesh network.

No configuration is needed to benefit from the Service Mesh & Discovery features. Simply use the automatic private DNS entry of a service to connect and communicate with it.

May 04, 2021

Improvement - Network immediately available at startup of service

Previously, the containers hosting your services started even if the network was not ready. This sometimes caused outgoing connections to fail at boot time when the network took more than 100ms to come up.

The issue is now solved and your service code is started after the mesh network is ready.

May 03, 2021

Improvement - Edge and Mesh error pages

The Koyeb Edge and Mesh network serve custom 404, 502, and 503 pages to help you identify the origin of errors during deployment or when a runtime failure occurs.

We improved the content of these pages to simplify troubleshooting and improve your deployment experience. Let us know how we can further improve them for you!

Improvement - Edge and Mesh error pages
April 30, 2021

Feature - Service logs are now available on all nodes

Logs of services with horizontal scaling enabled were only displayed for the first node.

The logging page on the Koyeb control panel now lets you track all nodes logs when you scale horizontally.

Feature - Service logs are now available on all nodes
April 28, 2021

Feature - Add GitLab Private Registry support

Previously, deploying from a GitLab private registry was possible but required to manually create a secret with a JSON containing the credentials. This was error-prone and often led to deployment failures.

We simplified this process and added GitLab directly to the list of providers on the service creation page.

Feature - Add GitLab Private Registry support
April 26, 2021

Feature - Koyeb demo application

To help you get started in minutes and deploy your first application on the Koyeb platform, we now provide a demo application you can deploy in one click.

The application automatically renders a page with your latency to the Koyeb Edge and Core Location where your service is running. It also displays the environment variables available for the service and the HTTP request headers to help you configure your app.

Share your edge latency with us on Twitter and spread the word about Koyeb! 😇

Feature - Koyeb demo application