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We raised $7M to Simplify App Deployment with our Global Serverless Platform

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We are thrilled to share that we’ve raised $7M in seed funding!

At Koyeb, we simplify app deployment with our global serverless platform. We provide an easy way to deploy full-stack applications and databases in production, everywhere, in minutes. We’re focused on allowing developers and businesses to seamlessly build, run, and scale any application globally, with no code rewrite or infrastructure management.

We do this in a specific way: we provide a completely managed platform with a technology built from the ground up to provide a seamless deployment experience with high performance. We rely on bare metal servers and our own software stack.

This round has been led by Bertrand Diard and Floriane de Maupeou at Serena with the participation of ISAI, Samsung Next, and MongoDB. Robin Vasan (MangoCap), Udi Nachmany (Snyk), Raise Phiture philanthropical fund, Zachary Smith (Packet), Justin Ziegler (Priceminister), Alexis Lê-Quôc (Datadog), Hank Vigil (AceCap), Marc Jalabert, (Microsoft), Amirhossein Malekzadeh (Logmatic), Philippe Besnard (Pentagram), and Fabrice Bernhard (Theodo) also participated in the round.

Why? Developers and businesses need to Build, Run, and Scale apps, everywhere, in minutes

If you are building a modern application, it’s going to have APIs, workers, and databases that need to be deployed somewhere in the cloud or at the edge. But how can you do that in minutes with a state-of-the-art infrastructure? Why is it still so complicated for teams to build, run, and scale applications?

Here is what we see: backend developers struggle to deploy their apps and months of work are wasted in companies of all sizes to build efficient infrastructure. As a software engineer deploying to production, you have to pick between:

  1. Complexity: somehow the standard solution is being an expert with all cloud technologies of the market starting with Kubernetes and spending months building your own stack. If you ask us, this doesn’t make much sense.
  2. Simple solutions lacking flexibility: the other end of the spectrum is simple platforms with limited features that don’t properly scale as your business grows.

When deploying applications, there are a few things that are essential and shouldn’t be traded:

  • No cloud provider-specific skills: you shouldn’t have to rewrite your app or get an AWS certification to go live. Going from local to global should be easy with standard and known technologies. No need to learn countless technologies to deploy a state-of-the-art app.
  • Built-in continuous deployment: a simple git repository or docker container should be enough and the platform should provide the build primitives. It should be fast to deploy to production to be able to quickly iterate.
  • No infrastructure management: the experience should be Serverless. No thoughts about hardware or orchestration.
  • Native resiliency and scalability: abstracting infrastructure management means resiliency and ability to scale should be built-in.
  • High performances globally: you should be able to deploy anywhere and everywhere with high-performance servers able to support demanding workloads.
  • Sustainable costs: no cloud architect needed or crazy bill to have high-level features with decent performance, this should be the norm.

In the world of cloud infrastructure, Serverless is the new standard experience. First-generation serverless platforms offer resiliency and scalability, yet necessitate trade-offs in terms of simplicity, portability, performance, and costs. No one needs to make or accept these tradeoffs. We’re building what the serverless experience should be.

Why us? Serverless deployments backed by foundational technology

Serverless backed by high-performance hardware running all around the world

What we’re building is a seamless serverless experience backed by high-performance hardware running all around the world. We abstract the complexity and provide advanced capabilities with a global infrastructure including advanced networking capabilities.

Compatible with your Stack

Innovation in infrastructure is a multi-layered problem: it can be performed at the framework level or at the infrastructure level. Framework-level innovation is powerful but often requires rewriting software. Infrastructure-level innovation can be transparent as a user and dramatically improve experience. A lot of the time improvements are made in between and end up increasing the chaos, the cost, and impairing productivity.

We’re building at the infrastructure level and support standard apps: no app rewrite or countless hours spent on infrastructure setup to enjoy a global serverless experience. You can use your usual frameworks with a classical Postgres database: we will build, run, and scale your app.

We support building any app from Node.js, Python, Golang to Rust, Deno, Bun or anything else with a Dockerfile. And if you already have a CI pipeline, we can also deploy your Docker containers globally.

Foundational technology

The core technology that we built is cloud-agnostic and we operate it on top of high-performance bare metal servers. The services we operate are not running on top of one of the incumbent large players, restricted by their technological choices, or pricing strategy. The control of the core technology allows us to offer productivity and the best performance for the money spent.

Deploy in 6 regions

This technology built from the ground up enables a serverless experience with unique global networking capabilities and outstanding performance. We allow global deployments across continents to happen in minutes. All applications are seamlessly backed by a global load balancer, an inter-continental private network, and a global edge network.

We have the flexibility to couple our software engine with any hardware. We’re capable of acting from the deployment experience and classical troubleshooting challenges to providing the latest CPU, GPU, TPU, or any fancy hardware needed to support inference and training workloads.

Technological partners

We're not alone in this journey and are teaming up with other amazing technologists to build next-generation cloud infrastructure products. We believe in specialized providers and are working to bring the best to the platform.

We've teamed up with outstanding technological companies including MongoDB, Neon, Turso, Polyscale, Aiven, Upstash, Equinix Metal, and Hashicorp to name a few. Explore our integrations and tutorials section to discover everything you can build, we have over 40 guides to help you get started!

Koyeb Tech Partners

Why Now? Next Steps

The next generation of infrastructure is Serverless. Demand for cloud infrastructure is not fading. Kubernetes fatigue is real and nobody believes anymore that it’s simplifying infrastructure. Incumbent players cannot provide a unified Serverless experience. This is where we enter.

We believe in software-defined infrastructure as much as we believe that this needs to be built from the ground up to be competitive in the long haul. So we plan to do just that: build the technological foundation from the hardware layer to the deployment experience.

In the coming month, you can expect more serverless, collaboration, storage, and networking features from us. We will expand to more locations and increase our support for business users while continuing to support our growing community.

Oh, one more thing: Serverless fully-managed Postgres is currently in early access! And... GPUs to accelerate your AI workloads will also make their debut in 2024.

Over 50k developers and teams already joined us. Get started on Koyeb with a free app on us - you’ll be amazed by how simple it is to deploy.


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