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Pay-per-use by the second, $5.50 of free monthly usage

  • Run web apps, APIs, and workers
  • Git push to deploy
  • SSL and bring your own domain
  • US & EU locations
  • 3 users included
  • Up to 16GB of RAM & 16 vCPU per service
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Everything in starter, plus team and support features for production apps

  • 6 users included
  • 6 core locations
  • Up to 64GB of RAM & 64 vCPU per service
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Slack cross-connect
  • E-mail support and chat
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Supercharged security and support features, starting at $1000/mo with committed usage

  • Unlimited users
  • Custom RAM, CPU, and GPU
  • SSO, RBAC, and Audit trail
  • ISO27001 and SOC2 Certifications
  • Custom locations (Equinix, AWS, GCP)
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • 24×7×365 premium support
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Always included

All plans include the following features, for real.

  • Pay-per-use by the second
  • High-performance bare metal servers
  • Gobal edge acceleration and CDN
  • Autobuild Node, Python, Go, Rust, Ruby, Elixir, and more
  • Global VPC across regions
  • Free inbound bandwidth
  • Deploy Docker from any registry
  • HTTP/2, WebSocket, and gRPC support
  • 100GB of free outbound transfer
  • Deploy from Dockerfile
  • Service mesh & discovery
  • Anti-DDoS
  • Infrastructure autohealing
  • Automatic OS patching
  • Continuous deployment with Canary
  • Secrets management
  • Horizontal scaling with global load-balancing
  • CLI, API, Terraform, and Pulumi
  • Real-time logs and metrics
  • Autoscaling (coming soon)
  • Community support
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When you deploy an app, we deploy containers inside of microVMs runing on top of high-performance bare metal servers. You can scale your apps as you need.


















Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free plan really free?

Yes, it's completely free! We provide $5.5 of monthly usage credit for free which you can use with any container size up to 2GB of RAM and 100GB of bandwidth. This is equivalent to 1388 hours of nano usage so around 2 full-time nano services!

How are processing and bandwidth charged?

Once you've consumed you're monthly free tier, we start billing you on a pay-per-use basis. Processing is accounted per second and billing is rounded up to the nearest unit. We charge you at the end of the calendar month.

How much do additionnal app services cost?

Application services are charged depending on the effective usage, starting at $0.00001/second. You define the price you want to pay when you choose the container size and the scale. If your app requires a $5.40 container and you want to launch 10 containers, you'll pay $54 per month.

What are the main differences between the plans?

The free plan is designed to let you get started quickly and to deploy non-critical applications. The $79/mo startup plan is designed for small production apps. If you're deploying large, mission-critical applications, require high RAM and CPU configurations, or specific locations please contact us!

What is outbound bandwidth?

All the data we're sending toward end-users through our CDN and outside of our platform is counted as outbound bandwidth.

We're carefully selecting our cloud service providers to get at $0.04/GB transferred. If you have huge volumes to transfer and this doesn't work, contact us to find solutions.

Can I deploy with my own domain?

Yes! You can use your own domain and we automatically provide SSL. We provide one custom domain for free and each subsequent domain is $1/month.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Whenever you want! Your subscription will end immediately and you will receive a prorated credit for the subscription's unused time.

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