The fastest way to deploy applications globally.

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Koyeb is a developer-friendly serverless platform to deploy apps globally. No-ops, servers, or infrastructure management.

Simple. Global. Fast.

Deploy in seconds

Deploy your apps from Docker images, or connect your git repositories and simply push to deploy.

Run globally in a click

Run your apps in some or all of our regions depending on your needs. Go global with 55 edge locations.

Enjoy native autoscaling

Enjoy autoscaling with high-end performance thanks to high-frequency CPUs and secure Firecracker microVMs.

They scale with us

Scale like internet giants with the most simple and powerful serverless platform.

unified platform

One platform, all your services

The Koyeb unified platform lets you combine the languages, frameworks and technologies you love. Deploy any application thanks to native support of popular languages and built-in Docker container deployment.

Run low-latency, responsive, web services and event-driven functions with an easy-to-use and scalable serverless platform.

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Web Apps & APIs

Run Web Apps and APIs with native autoscaling and zero server management.

Event-driven serverless functions

React to events and messages with the built-in queue system and benefit from performant distributed processing.

Background Workers

Perform background tasks with workers.

Cron jobs

Define a schedule, we reliably launch your jobs.

Run your tech-stack

Designed for developers

Zero-config deployment

Koyeb's fully-managed serverless platform provides unique features to maximize developer productivity including a complete Service Mesh and Global Load Balancing. From hobby projects to business-critical products, Koyeb reliably hosts your apps.

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Security and performance
Powered by hyperscale technologies

Security and performance

All your apps are transparently deployed in Firecracker microVMs running on top of BareMetal servers. These microVMs provide top-notch security and performance thanks to hardware-assisted virtualization. To further reduce latency, your workloads are powered by the latest generations of Intel and AMD high-end CPUs. And all of this is native, without any management or code modification from you. How does that sound?

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Tools for every stack

Integrate with the tools you love

Use our add-ons to seamlessly extend and enhance your apps. Easily connect with everything you need: database solutions, storage providers, observability platforms, and more.

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Built for business

Reliable, Scalable, Predictable


Enjoy best-in-class performance and security for your applications thanks to MicroVMS, high-end BareMetal servers and autoscaling. This high-performance stack is complemetend by our 55 global edge locations to further reduce latency.


We maintain a globally redundant infrastructure to make sure you’re always up and running. We provide an uptime and response time guarantee with 24x7 premium support for mission-critical apps.


Autoscaling is not an option, it's built-in. No need to worry about your cloud servers when you grow your business, we automatically spawn more processing power when you need it.


We provide simple and predictable pricing. Your apps are billed based on usage and you only pay for what you use. As you scale, we provide advanced options and support plans to support your growth.

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