Innovative businesses are looking at Koyeb to simplify cloud data management.

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Build & manage your cloud storage layer in seconds

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Search any data on any cloud in seconds.
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Explore & visualize data from one interface.
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Action, transform and move data with a click.
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Integrate Data Oriented Features in minutes not months

Effortless Media Transformation
Effortless Media Transformation
Implement any complex image or video manipulation workflows in minutes using the best cloud providers. Resize, Reencode or Recolorize Petabytes of Video and Images on any cloud without a single line of code.
Automated Backup & Recovery
Automated Backup & Recovery
Automatically backup Cloud Storage on another Cloud Provider and automate Disaster Recovery. Integrate with our API and let your users backup & recover data with one click.
Continuous Integration for Data
Continuous Integration for Data
Automate replication of anonymized subsets of production data to qualification or development environments using workflows. Implement daily scheduled jobs or integrate with any CI tool using our API.
Performance and Resiliency Improvements
Performance and Resiliency Improvements
Continuously replicate data to any Cloud Provider or Edge location to improve performance or resiliency. Create a stream workflow, push data and we will automatically replicate your data for you.
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All Cloud Storage Providers from one single platform

Koyeb is the industry first Cloud Platform dedicated to data management and optimisation across multiple Cloud Service Providers. Koyeb provides a simple and powerful interface to interact with your object storage across Public Clouds and Edges. Spend less time operating your data management layer, scale with confidence while keeping costs under control!

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  • AWS S3
  • Azure Blob
  • Vultr Object Storage
  • Digital Ocean Space
  • Linode Object Storage
  • Scaleway Object Storage
  • GCP Cloud Storage
  • Backblaze B2
  • Alibaba OSS

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Designed For Developers

Friendly APIs and interface to integrate scalable cloud storage operations

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Simplify Data Management

Connect your Cloud Service Providers, Koyeb will provide live analytics to understand your storage usage and setup powerful data orchestration.
Embrace a full multi-cloud approach and distribute your data wherever you need it. Leverage the strenghts of each Cloud Service Provider to improve your Cloud storage efficiency.
Transform, optimize and move your data in stream and batch mode at scale. The Koyeb Workflow Layer abstracts the compexity of setting up data pipelines. Focus on bringing value your data, we take care of the rest!
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Built for businesses

Scale your business, we scale your data management layer

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Reliable platform

Koyeb relies on a production-grade multi-cloud infrastructure designed for speed, resiliency and security.

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Simple Pricing

Koyeb offers a simple and predictable pricing. Start for free and upgrade to a paid plan when you need to scale.

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Comply With Regulations

Simplify your data governance and compliance in minutes, not months. Define your data lifecycle strategy without any complex development.

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Leverage Your Data

Create workflows for any kind of data. Focus on business outcomes, not technical processes.

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