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Deploy to production, scale globally, in minutes

Accelerate AI apps with high-performance infrastructure

Connect your GitHub account to Koyeb. Choose a repository to deploy. Leave us the infrastructure - We build, deploy, run, and scale your application with zero-configuration.

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Join 50,000+ developers and teams deploying on faster infrastructure

Build. Run. Scale.

Go from local to global in minutes, not months.



Deploy from GitHub

Simply git push, we build and deploy your app with blazing fast built-in continuous deployment. Develop fearlessly with native versioning of all deployments.

Deploy from GitHub

Deploy Docker containers

Build Docker containers, host them on any registry, and atomically deploy your new version worldwide in a single API call.

Deploy Docker containers

Develop with your team

Invite your team to build together and enjoy live preview after each push with built-in CI/CD.

Work with your team

Build with the languages and frameworks you love, from Web to Inference APIs

The Koyeb platform lets you combine the languages, frameworks, and technologies you use. Deploy any application without modifications thanks to native support of popular languages and Docker containers. Koyeb detects and build apps in Node.js, Python, Go, Ruby, Java, PHP, Scala, Clojure, and anything with a Dockerfile.



Serverless, zero infrastructure required

Koyeb allows you to deploy resilient applications with zero configuration: we deal with server provisioning, upgrades and failures for you. Forget Kubernetes and cluster management, it's on us.

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One platform, all your services

Deploy web apps, APIs, background workers, functions, and databases globally. Run low-latency, responsive, web services with an easy-to-use and scalable serverless platform. Cron jobs are on the way too.

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Native HTTP/2, WebSocket, and gRPC

We natively support real-time protocols and accelerate your connections through our edge network. Spawn new resources as requests hit your applications with built-in horizontal scaling.

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Secure by default

Your apps and APIs are automatically secured with state-of-the-art isolation and encryption at the infrastructure level including automatic HTTPS, at rest encryption, and built-in secret management.

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Unmatched performance

All your apps are transparently deployed in Firecracker microVMs running on top of bare metal servers. These microVMs provide top-notch security and performance thanks to hardware-assisted virtualization. To further reduce latency, your workloads are powered by the latest generations of Intel and AMD high-end CPUs. And all of this is native, without any management or code modification from you.

Unmatched performance


Koyeb seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions to simply extend your apps with add-ons you love.

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Global VPC for micro-services

The built-in service mesh provides ops-free, secure, inter-service communication. Your private network is end-to-end encrypted and authenticated with mutual TLS. It's like a global VPC + a VPN for all, without the hassle.

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Deploy worldwide in a single API call

Select one or more regions to deploy your apps across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Traffic is routed through the nearest edge location to reduce delivery latency.

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Observability, health-checks, and autoscaling

Application logs and integrated metering give you a live view of your application's traffic. Unhealthy services and regions are automatically detected, and traffic is rerouted accordingly, ensuring that your app is always up and running. Autoscaling is on the way.

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We maintain a globally redundant infrastructure to make sure you’re always up and running. We provide an uptime and response time guarantee with 24x7 premium support, certifications, and an audit trail for mission-critical apps.

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Connect LLMs to your data

Koyeb (@gokoyeb) offers one of the easiest interfaces we’ve seen in scaling an LLM application - simply connect your @github repo (with an @UseExpressJS server), and then let Koyeb deploy your app globally in a serverless manner with 0 infra setup ⚡️

James Perkins

James Perkins

Co-founder of Unkey

We are huge fans of the @gokoyeb team. They make it dead simple to deploy a docker container. In fact that’s what our service talked about in this blog is using. Our repo is open source so you can take a look at what we did

Glauber Costa

Glauber Costa

Founder at Turso

Y'all heard me saying this before... but edge doesn't mean serverless, and it doesn't have to mean a restricted environment. Edge just means your application is present everywhere with low latency. In that sense, the @gokoyeb folks are providing a great service. Super easy to get started, run unmodified applications... and works great with @tursodatabase!

Sébastien Blanc

Sébastien Blanc

Developer Advocate at Aiven

As an application developer, there is only one thing that matters : running my workload on production. Having a real serverless experience is what I’m looking for and one of those platforms that offers this kind of experience is @gokoyeb, be sure to have a look.

Ph. Charrière - 💜 #wasm

Ph. Charrière - 💜 #wasm

Senior Solutions Architect at Docker

Thank you @gokoyeb for helping me to test my GenAI API with @ollama on the cloud 🥰 Great UX, great support 😍

Julien Lengrand-Lambert

Julien Lengrand-Lambert

Developer Advocate at Adyen

oh, and I should mention, everything is hosted on @gokoyeb and it costs me around 3$ / month so far. Super fast, and simple. And crazy reactive support. Sebastian, if you hear me, this one's for you!

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