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What is Koyeb?

Koyeb is a unique serverless cloud platform focused on data related applications created by Cloud Computing Veterans and financially backed by industry leaders.

Koyeb allows developers and businesses to run powerful serverless data-processing apps in minutes. We made it featureful, yet simple to use with on-demand resources, including compute and storage. You can build all your data-processing workflows with Docker containers, custom functions, and pre-made integrations.

Koyeb provides an efficient way for developers to upload, process, and distribute data without the heavy-duty of building resilient and scalable infrastructure. Everything can be linked to your Git repositories to provide fully automated continuous deployment.

Koyeb is designed to let you use any cloud service providers to store your data on object storage through an S3-Compatible API. You're free to select the best solutions for your needs.

Koyeb can be used for real-time processing of any kind of data, from media files (Photos, Videos, Audio, PDFs) to text, JSON, log, and CSV files, with high performances.

All of this can be experienced with our Free Plan or with one of our Free Trials!

The Koyeb Experience

At Koyeb, we provide a unified experience to build your processing workflows with seamless support of custom functions, Docker Containers, and pre-made integrations. You can import and store data on the cloud service provider(s) of your choice.

The Koyeb platform provides:

  • An easy-to-use web interface to manage all your serverless deployments and object storage: create your account for free
  • Event-driven serverless stacks for short and long-running tasks
  • Complete support for Docker Containers
  • Native support of Python and node.js functions
  • Complete auditability and traceability with integrated versioning
  • Git-driven continuous deployment
  • A complete catalog of integrations, all open-source and ready-to-use, to build your processing stacks
  • Full Stack templates to seamlessly deploy complete processing Stacks to ingest, process, and store your data in minutes
  • Multi-Cloud capabilities with a universal S3-API to store and process data on any cloud storage provider
  • Managed object storage to get you started quickly
  • High Performance Ingestion with native autoscaling features
  • The Koyeb CLI (Command Line Interface) to manage resources and automate directly from your terminal
  • An easy to use REST API to use Koyeb programmatically. Checkout the API documentation.

If you're ready to build, just head to our Get Started Section! If you want more details on the Koyeb Platform underlying technologies and philosophy, just browse the Koyeb FAQ.

Contact us

We provide multiple communication channels depending on your need:

  • The easiest way to contact us is to use the integrated chat window at the right bottom of any page of the website or the console.
  • If you don't have an account yet, you can contact our customer success team to get started with Koyeb, get a product demo or request a specific sales inquiry.
  • You can use the support page of the console for any issue you encounter with the platform.
  • Our Slack community channel provides direct access to our exclusive community for specific engineering questions.

Ready to get started?

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