An introduction to the Koyeb serverless platform

What is Koyeb?

Koyeb is a developer-friendly serverless platform designed to let businesses easily deploy reliable and scalable applications globally. The platform has been created by Cloud Computing Veterans and is financially backed by industry leaders.

Koyeb allows you to deploy all kind of services including full web applications, APIs, event-driven serverless functions, background workers, and cron jobs.

The platform provides a smooth developer experience with no cloud-specific technology. Applications can be deployed using standard Docker containers or directly from your git repositories. The platform comes with fast, continuous deployments and built-in versioning to deploy continuously and fearlessly.

Koyeb provides an efficient way to run apps without the heavy-duty of building resilient and scalable infrastructure. All the services you deploy on Koyeb come with native auto-scaling and auto-healing features to completely abstract servers. New service deployments are dramatically simplified thanks to a full-service mesh providing secure inter-service connection and automatic service discovery.

The core of the platform has been built with security and performance in mind. Applications transparently run in fast and secure Firecracker microVMs on top of BareMetal servers with high-frequency CPU.

Applications can be deployed globally with multiples locations across North America, EMEA, and APAC. The Koyeb edge network provides a global CDN and load balancing with geo-steering.

We provide multiple configurations you can pick from depending on the CPU and RAM requirement your application has. We provide up to 16GB and 16 vCPU on the startup plan, contact us if you need more!

To get you easily started we provide 2 nano services for free!

The Koyeb Experience

At Koyeb, we provide a unified experience to deploy, run and scale your applications globally with seamless support of Docker containers, native code, and functions.

The Koyeb platform provides:

  • An easy-to-use web interface to manage all your apps deployments: create your account for free
  • Support of all kinds of services including full web applications, APIs, event-driven serverless functions, background workers, and cron jobs.
  • Full support of Docker containers
  • Git-driven deployment to build and deploy native code in Ruby, Node.js, Java, Python, Clojure, Scala, Go, Rust, PHP, or with a Dockerfile present in the repository.
  • A High-Performance Edge Network with a global CDN and powerful load-balancing across zones with automatic traffic geo-steering
  • Full-Service Mesh and Discovery to deploy secure micro-services and functions in seconds
  • Transparent deployment in fast, secure MicroVMs
  • The Koyeb CLI (Command Line Interface) to manage resources and automate directly from your terminal
  • An easy-to-use REST API to use Koyeb programmatically. Check out the API documentation.

The platform is currently available in limited preview. Sign up to request your access!

If you want more details on the Koyeb Platform underlying technologies and philosophy, just browse the Koyeb FAQ.

Contact us

We provide multiple communication channels to interact with the community and the Koyeb team:

  • The easiest way to contact us is to use the integrated chat window at the right bottom of any page of the website or the control panel.
  • If you don't have an account yet, you can contact our customer success team to get started with Koyeb, get a product demo, or request a specific sales inquiry.
  • Our community platform community channel provides direct access to our exclusive community for specific engineering questions.