Koyeb can deploy your applications to multiple regions around the world. You can either deploy your application to the location closest to your users or select multiple regions for broader coverage.

Core regions

Koyeb offers the following core regions:

  • FRA: Frankfurt, Germany
  • WAS: Washington D.C., USA
  • SIN: Singapore

Additionally, the following regions are currently in preview:

Preview regions are available to every organization on the starter and startup plans. To access preview regions, add valid payment details (opens in a new tab) and switch your organization's plan (opens in a new tab).

Edge locations

In addition to the core locations where your application is deployed, Koyeb's Global Edge Network will automatically serve your users from low-latency, nearby edge locations. Traffic will be automatically routed to the nearest core location where your application is deployed.

Your content will also be cached at the edge according to your Cache-Control headers using Koyeb's edge cache.