With your Koyeb account, you can create and join organizations to collaborate as a team. Each organization has its own billing information, plan, resources, and members.

Create an organization

You can create an organization from your personal account settings (opens in a new tab) in the control panel.

For each organization you create, you need to:

  • Choose an organization name: This name will be used to identify your organization and to compose the default URL of your Koyeb Apps. The organization name must be unique across all Koyeb organizations and can be changed at any time.
  • Add your payment information: This will be used to charge your organization's resource usage.

Currently, you cannot be a member of more than 5 organizations at a time. If you need more, please email us.

Switch between organizations

You can switch between organizations via the Koyeb control panel (opens in a new tab) by clicking either:

  • the icon next to your organization name in the top left of the navigation bar, or
  • the Switch button next to an organization on the organizations page (opens in a new tab) of your personal account settings

Deactivate an organization

To deactivate an organization, go to your organization's settings page (opens in a new tab) and click the Danger Zone tab (opens in a new tab) in the left-hand navigation list.


Warning: When you deactivate an organization, all associated resources will be deleted: Apps, Services, Secrets, Domains, GitHub app and API credentials. You can reactivate an organization at any time.

To deactivate your organization, click the Deactivate button associated with the Deactivate the organization section. Type the name of your organization in the text box and click Deactivate again to continue. We will send an email to each member of your organization. Click on the link within to confirm the deactivation.

Your organization will be deactivated and all associated resources will be removed. You can reactivate the organization at any time by revisiting the organization page.

Delete an organization

Note: It is only possible to delete deactivated organizations that do not have unpaid invoices. If your organization is still active, follow the instructions in the deactivate an organization section first. If your organization has an unpaid invoice, you must settle the balance before you can delete the organization.

To delete an organization, go to your organization's settings page (opens in a new tab) and click the Danger Zone tab (opens in a new tab) in the left-hand navigation list.


Warning: Deleting an organization will remove all information associated with your organization including billing information. If you are unsure whether you will need an organization in the future, keep in mind that you can leave an organization deactivated indefinitely without incurring any charges.

To delete the organization, click the Delete button associated with the Delete the organization section. The organization will be deleted and the associated billing information will be removed.

Invite members

You can add team members to each organization you are a member of by going to the members page (opens in a new tab) in the organization's settings.

To invite a member, enter the email address of the person you want to invite and click the Invite button. We will send an email to the provided address with a link inviting the user to join the organization.

If the email address is not associated with an existing Koyeb account, the person will be able to view the invitation and join the organization after creating an account.

Manage invitations

Until an invitation is accepted, you can perform the following actions on the organization's invitations page (opens in a new tab):

  • Resend the invitation: Click on the Resend button next to the invitation to send the invitation email again
  • Remove the invitation: Click on the Remove button next to the invitation to revoke an invitation

Manage members

You can manage the members of your organization via the organization's members page (opens in a new tab).

On this page you can:

  • View organization members: The list of members is displayed using their name and associated email address
  • Remove members: Click on the Remove button next to the member you want to remove from the organization
  • Leave the organization: Click on the Leave button next to your own member entry to leave the organization
You cannot leave an organization if you are the only member.

View organization activity

Each organization has its own activity feed containing the history of actions performed within the organization. This lets you see a detailed view of the organization's activity and which account performed each action.

You can access the centralized stream of all user activity within your organization via the activity page (opens in a new tab).

Manage organization resources

Each organization has its own isolated resources, such as:

  • Apps
  • Services
  • Deployments
  • Instances
  • Secrets
  • container registry configurations
  • metrics
  • logs
  • domains
  • plan and billing details
  • activities
  • API access tokens

It's important to remember that these resources are always tied to the organization rather than an individual account. To manage personal resources, create or switch to an organization without other members.


Important: API access tokens created by users are not revoked when the user is removed from the organization. Instead, these tokens are deactivated.

This means that API access tokens created by users who leave or are removed from an organization will still exist but no longer work. If the user rejoins the organization, the user's API access tokens will be reactivated.

Manage organization usage and billing

Each organization has its own billing information that you can access through the Usage and billing page (opens in a new tab) of the organization's settings.

From the usage and billing page you can:

  • check the organization's current resource usage
  • download a CSV file with usage details
  • update the billing information associated with your account
  • add and update payment details by clicking the Manage Billing button

To learn more about billing and payment, check out the pricing FAQ page.

Manage organization plans

Each organization uses a specific Koyeb plan that you can manage through the Plans page (opens in a new tab) of the organization's settings.

The following plans are available:

  • Hobby: Available to all users. With the Hobby plan you can evaluate the platform without adding payment information with a free web Service with 512MB RAM, 0.1 vCPU, and 2GB of SSD.
  • Starter: Available to all users with a valid payment method. The Starter plan has no baseline cost and, in addition to the free Instance, can access additional regions, instance sizes, and features. Starter plan users only pay for their usage.
  • Startup: The Startup plan costs $79 per month has unrestricted access to all regions and Instance sizes. It includes a 99.9% SLA, priority support, and other features. Startup plan users also pay for their usage (beyond the free Instance) in addition to the plan cost.

To switch to a different plan, click on the Switch To Startup or Switch to Starter button next to the plan you wish to select. When you switch to a paid plan, you will be charged a prorated amount for the plan based on how far it is into the current month.

To learn more about Koyeb plans, check out the pricing FAQ page.


Each user can be a member of a maximum of 5 organizations.

The maximum number of members per organization is based on the organization's current plan:

PlanMax number of members