Build & Deploy


If the project you want to deploy on Koyeb is part of a monorepo (opens in a new tab), you need to define the path to the appropriate subdirectory when configuring your Service. You can do this by setting the Work directory in the Service settings.

Work directory

The work directory allows you to specify where the application's code is located within the repository.


It is important to note that setting a work directory impacts the environment the project will be built in. When a work directory is set, the rest of the repository is not part of the build environment. Any heuristics used to detect your runtime or files needed to build your application must be present within the work directory.

You can set the work directory from the Koyeb control panel (opens in a new tab) or using the Koyeb CLI.

You can set a work directory in your Service configuration during deployment by expanding the Builder section.

Click the Override toggle associated with the Work directory field. Afterwards, provide the path to your project's directory from the repository's root directory.