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Koyeb for Startups: Accelerate with Credits for High-Performance Infrastructure

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It's the final day of our first Launch Week and we're concluding with an announcement to help you bring your ideas to market faster: the Koyeb Startup Program with up to $30k of credits.

TLDR: We know that your most precious asset is time and we want to help you focus on your business. You can apply here to join the program and claim credits that can be used with our Standard CPU and GPU instances.

For over 3 years, we've helped over 100,000 developers, startups, and businesses deploy and scale in production.

Go To Market Faster with Koyeb Startup Program

The program is designed to help early-stage startups accelerate their go-to-market with high-performance cloud infrastructure and the best developer experience.

Startups globally lose precious time dealing with complex infrastructure when their most critical asset is time. Time-to-market is critical and we're here to help you deploy and iterate quickly.

The Program: Perks to Accelerate

Startups can receive up to $30k of free compute credits. These credits can be used with our Standard and GPU instances. In addition to credits, the program offers:

  • Seamless Onboarding: Get onboarded with our solutions engineer and start deploying your applications in minutes.
  • Startup Features: Deploy everything you need for your application in all of our regions. Startup accounts have access to extra resources, features, and regions.
  • Priority Support: Our support and engineering teams are here to help you with a dedicated Slack channel.
  • White-Glove Migration: If you are already running somewhere else, we'll help you migrate your applications to Koyeb.
  • Special Early Access to New Features: Get priority access to new features and products before they are released to the public.

Ready to build, run, and scale apps, AI workloads, and inference on cloud infrastructure and GPUs with no-ops? Apply today!

Koyeb Launch Week

This is the fifth and final announcement for our first ever Koyeb Launch Week

See the recap

Provide Blazing-Fast Experiences and Run Close to Your Users

Are you new here? Here is the fast-track:

  1. On Koyeb, you bring your code and your team to deploy your full stack applications, AI workloads, APIs, and databases globally on high-performance infrastructure in minutes.
  2. Simply choose the regions where you want to deploy your applications and services and let Koyeb handle the rest. Learn how we automatically build and deploy your applications. We accelerate traffic with our 255+ edge locations.
  3. You can scale your applications accross 6 core locations worldwide in a click, so your applications run close to your users and provide them blazing-fast experiences. Want to learn more about how requests for apps and services running on the platform are handled? Dive into our blog post on building a multi-region service mesh with Anycast, BGP, and mTLS.
  4. We provide built-in high-availability and autohealing thanks to native and customizable health checks.

Global deployments of AI and full stack apps

Run your AI and full stack workloads worldwide on high-performance infrastructure and close to your users.

Deploy now

Eligibility Criteria

The Koyeb Startup Program is designed for seed-stage companies, and we’re currently onboarding startups that either:

  • Are a part of a partner accelerator. We onboard new accelerator programs regularly, so if you are not affiliated with one of our current partner accelerators, we still encourage you to apply.
  • Raised between $1M and $5M from VCs.

Not there yet? We review applications on a case-by-case basis and are always looking to support promising startups. If you are a bootstrapped startup or just starting out, we encourage you to apply.

Apply to Koyeb Startup Program

You can apply to the Koyeb Startup Program today, and our Startup Program team will review your application and get back to you within the week.

With Koyeb deploying and scaling full-stack applications is a matter of minutes. All you need to deploy is a simple git push or using containers. We take care to build, run, and scale your application and manage the underlying infrastructure for you, with zero configuration.

To get started with Koyeb, you can sign up today and start deploying your first Service today.

Wishing you and your apps blazing-fast deployments! 🚀

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