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Koyeb Launch Week

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Welcome to our very first launch week! You might have noticed we did a Launch Day earlier this year when we dropped two announcements in one day: Autoscaling in public preview and the GA of our Singapore location.

You might also remember our very casual Launch Month last September, when we shared a new announcement every week for the whole month:

If you follow our changelog updates on the Koyeb Community, you've seen what we've been up to since then!

This week, we want to take the time to share and celebrate what the team has been working hard on recently. We have lots of exciting new features, improvements, and news that we are thrilled to share with you!

Monday: Autoscaling in GA!

Today, we are thrilled to announce autoscaling is available generally!

Throughout the autoscaling public preview, we heard helpful feedback about the platform's scaling factors. As part of this GA release, we added the possibility to scale your applications and services based on the number of concurrent connections and p95 response time.

Ready, Set, Automatically Scale!

Autoscaling is now in GA and works across Standard and GPU-based Instances.

Autoscale Now

Tuesday: GPUs in public preview and access to H100, A100, and more!

On day two of our launch week, we are excited to share not one, but two major pieces of news:

  • GPUs are now available in public preview: Everyone can now deploy and run GPU-accelerated workloads on Koyeb.
  • H100 and A100 access: With 80GB of vRAM, these cards are ideal for generative AI processes including large language models, recommendation models, and video and image generation.

Read the full announcement: GPUs Public Preview: Run AI workloads on H100, A100, L40S, and more

Get started with GPUs

Book an onboarding session and start with $200 of credit!

Get onboarded

Wednesday: Volumes!

Today, we are launching the technical preview of Volumes! If you are building applications that need persistent storage, you can now use Volumes to keep data on disk and intact between deployments, restarts, and even when services are paused.

To access Volumes, join the preview. We're gradually onboarding users to ensure the best experience for everyone.

Backed by blazing-fast NVMe SSD, Volumes are a key building block to support a wide range of new workloads on the platform including distributed databases, object storage, or any full-stack applications requiring long-term storage.

Lots of applications need persistent data. To name just a few, here are some of the applications that you will now be able to run on Koyeb leveraging Volumes:

  • Queue systems like RabbitMQ, Kafka, NATS, or Temporal
  • Databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, SQLite, Redis, or MongoDB
  • Search and analytics engines like Elasticsearch, Quikwit, or Meilisearch

And many more. During the next weeks, we will add more templates to our deploy catalog of ready-to-deploy applications to help you get started in seconds with stateful services.

Bonus: Join us at AI Infra on June 19th

We are hosting the inaugural AI Infra Meetup at Station F in Paris, France on Wednesday, June 19. Join the discussions and catch the lightning talks from our amazing speakers and friends:

  • LlamaIndex - Pierre-Loic Douclet
  • Neon - Raouf Chebri
  • Koyeb - Yann Leger
  • Gatling - Paul-Henri Pillet
  • Zilliz - Stephen Batifol

Thursday: AWS Regions on Koyeb!

Today, we are announcing AWS regions on Koyeb for businesses, offering the fastest way for you to deploy and scale your apps on AWS infrastructure.

Over the last months, we've gotten lots of requests from businesses established on AWS to have a way to deploy Koyeb services on AWS infrastructure to leverage the AWS ecosystem and benefit from the Koyeb deployment experience, all while limiting egress costs.

We're starting with the famous, US-east-1 (N. Virginia) region, and we will be adding more regions based on demand. Want to deploy your applications and services in AWS regions on Koyeb? We're gradually onboarding users, so just book a call.

Deploy in Tokyo, San Francisco, Frankfurt, and more!

Run on Koyeb and enjoy automatic continuous deployment, global load balancing, real-time metrics and monitoring, autoscaling, and more.

Deploy Now

Friday: Koyeb Startup Program

We had to conclude our first Launch Week with something special, so we are thrilled to announce the Koyeb Startup Program! The program is designed to help early-stage startups accelerate their go-to-market with high-performance cloud infrastructure and the best developer experience.

Bring your ideas to market faster with the Koyeb Startup Program and up to $30k of credits. These credits can be used with our Standard and GPU instances. In addition to credits, the program offers:

  • Seamless Onboarding
  • Startup Features
  • Priority Support
  • White-Glove Migration
  • Special Early Access to New features
  • Exclusive Koyeb swag

Apply to the Koyeb Startup Program today! Our Startup Program team will review your application and get back to you within the week.

Blazing-Fast AI Deployments

Enjoy automatic continuous deployment, global load balancing, real-time metrics and monitoring, autoscaling, and more.

Deploy Now

What's next?

Lunch week is just a warm-up and placeholder for the main attraction: Launch Week! We have lots of special announcements in store for you and we are so excited to share them with you!

If you're dying for a taste, our public roadmap gives you some good hints and draws a pretty exciting picture of what lies ahead.

Want to start deploying your AI and full stack applications worldwide in minutes? Sign up for the platform and deploy your first service for free today!

Here are some fun resources to get you started:

Follow us on X @gokoyeb and Koyeb's Linkedin to stay tuned for more updates, content, and announcements about your favorite serverless platform! 🚀


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