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AWS Regions: Build, Run, Scale on AWS with Koyeb

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Today, we are announcing AWS regions on Koyeb for businesses. The fastest way to build, run, and scale your apps on AWS infrastructure.

Over the last months, we've gotten more and more requests from businesses established on AWS to have a way to deploy Koyeb services on AWS infrastructure to:

  1. Leverage AWS Ecosystem: Integrate Koyeb services with AWS products portfolio.
  2. Benefit from the Koyeb Flexibility and simplicity: Nobody wants to spend countless hours dealing with infrastructure.
  3. Limit data transfer cost: Bandwidth costs between AWS regions and the Internet can dramatically impact your bill.

Our platform's core technology is cloud-agnostic and can be operated on top of anything, from high-performance bare metal servers to IaaS providers. The control of the core technology allows us to offer productivity and the best performance for the money spent.

Koyeb Launch Week

Day 4 for Koyeb Launch Week #01

Check out the recap

Today, we're starting with the famous, US-east-1 (N. Virginia) region, and we will be adding more regions based on demand. All instances are billed at the same rate as our other regions, allowing you to get our deployment experience at no extra cost.

Want to access AWS regions and get the best experience in cloud? We're gradually onboarding users, so just book a call and we'll get started.

Problem: Your Data is in an AWS RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora, ElastiCache Instance

It's a problem we have seen many times. You want to use Koyeb to deploy and scale your applications, but your data lives in an AWS instance. Be it RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora, ElastiCache instance, or any other AWS service, there is finally a way to leverage Koyeb's simplicity and flexibility alongside your existing AWS infrastructure.

Faster Deployments, Easier Application Management

AWS is a powerful platform, but it can be complex and time-consuming to manage. If your applications and data are already on AWS, there is now a way you can leverage the Koyeb platform and enjoy the seamless deployment experience.

As of today, we are launching the AWS regions, allowing you to deploy and scale your applications already established on AWS infrastructure with our platform's simplicity and flexibility.

Since the Koyeb core technology is cloud-agnostic, our platform can be operated on top of any hardware. From high-performance bare metal servers (our M.O., modus operandi, not Missouri 💙) to IaaS providers' machines (👋 looking at you AWS).

With the AWS regions on Koyeb, you can keep your data and services on your existing AWS infrastructure as you start using our platform to manage your deployments and scale your applications in minutes. Your devs will love it, and your finance team will thank you.

Pricing: Koyeb Instances with AWS Ecosystem

We offer the same pricing for regions on AWS as other Koyeb regions, allowing you to leverage the AWS regions and ecosystem at no extra cost.

As a reminder, here are the prices of our Standard Instance types:

Instance typevCPURAMDiskPrice
nano0.25256MB2.5GB SSD$2.68/month
micro0.5512MB5GB SSD$5.36/month
small11GB10GB SSD$10.71/month
medium22GB20GB SSD$21.43/month
large44GB40GB SSD$42.85/month
xlarge88GB80GB SSD$85.71/month
2xlarge1616GB160GB SSD$171.42/month
3xlarge2432GB240GB SSD$342.84/month
4xlarge3264GB320GB SSD$685.67/month
5xlarge40128GB400GB SSD$1371.34/month

Today US-East-1, Tomorrow the World

We're starting with the famous, US-east-1 (N. Virginia) region, and we will be adding more regions based on demand. If you want to learn why this location is so important in cloud computing, read what we had to say when we announced our platform's US East Location.

If you have a region that you would like to see added, let us know by booking a call.

Switch between Koyeb and AWS regions in one click

With Koyeb, you can deploy your applications and services across our 255+ edge locations and 6 core locations worldwide, so your applications run close to your users and provide them blazing-fast experiences.

If you want to switch your deployment from one of our regions to an AWS region, or vice versa, it's just a matter of changing the region in your deployment configuration. In other words, one click away.

Leverage the AWS Ecosystem on Koyeb

Get the best of both worlds for your applications and services.

AWS on Koyeb

Migrate off Heroku and Keep Using AWS

With AWS regions, you also now have a viable, production-grade, and cost-effective solution to transition from Heroku. Koyeb's built-in features such as native continuous integration, zero-downtime deployments, multi-region support, autoscaling, global VPC, and more, provide everything you need to build, run, and scale on AWS.

See how simple it is to migrate with our Migrate from Heroku Guide and watch our Migrate from Heroku Video Tutorial to learn more.

Ready to deploy AWS regions on Koyeb? Let's chat.

Next steps

Deploying and scaling full-stack applications with Koyeb only takes a few minutes. All you need to deploy is a simple git push or your containerized application. We take care to build, run, and scale your application and manage the underlying infrastructure for you, with zero configuration.

If you want to get a better deployment experience than AWS (and pay less than Heroku for more built-in features), book a call with us to discuss your needs and how Koyeb can help.

To get started with Koyeb, you can sign up today and start deploying your first Service today. If you want to dive deeper into autoscaling, have a look at the documentation.

Wishing you and your apps blazing-fast deployments! 🚀

Keep up with all the latest updates by joining our vibrant and friendly serverless community or follow us on X at @gokoyeb.


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