Deploy serverless AI apps on
high-performance infrastructure

The serverless platform to run AI apps on high-performance GPUs and accelerators in seconds.



Get started with dozens of one-click apps, deploy Docker containers, or connect your Git repositories and push to deploy.



Deploy generative AI models and inference endpoints with zero configuration. No ops, servers, or infrastructure management.



Go live, deploy globally, and let us autoscale your endpoints from zero to millions of inference requests.

From training to global inference in minutes

All the best GPUs and NPUs

Build, experiment, and deploy on the best accelerators from AMD, Intel, Furiosa, Qualcomm, and Nvidia using one unified platform.

Global deployments

Run across one or more regions worldwide with a single API call. Traffic is accelerated through our global edge network.

Ops free deployment
Serverless Vector DB
Zero-downtime deployments
Real-time logs and metrics
Ultra-fast NVMe disks

Deploy in seconds, scale to millions

Get your apps up and running in seconds with a seamless deployment experience. Scale to millions of requests with built-in autoscaling. Pay only for what you use.

Bringing the best AI infrastructure technologies to you


Serverless Inference

The serverless platform to run LLMs, Computer Vision, and AI inference on high-performance GPUs and accelerators in seconds.

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