Baselime Log Exporter

Stream logs from your Koyeb Services to Baselime in real time.


Baselime is an observability solution built for modern cloud-native environments. It combines logs, metrics, and distributed traces to give you full visibility across your microservices at scale.

This one-click app allows you to easily deploy the Koyeb Log Exporter to stream your Koyeb Services logs to Baselime.


  • A Baselime account to generate an API Key.
VariableDescriptionDefault valueRequired
WEBHOOK_URIThe webhook-based endpoint to stream the logs.
KOYEB_TOKENKoyeb access token generated in the API section of your Koyeb organization settings.Yes
KOYEB_SERVICEThe name or ID of the Koyeb Service to export logs for. This takes the form of either APPNAME/SERVICE_NAME or SERVICE_ID.Yes

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Once the service is deployed logs from the Koyeb Service to export logs will start to appear and be available to query in the Baselime console.

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