Uptime Kuma

Deploy Uptime Kuma, an easy-to-use self-hosted monitoring tool.


Uptime Kuma is a self-hosted monitoring service that you can use to keep track of the heath of your applications, websites, and APIs. You can configure it to watch services with different types of health checks and set up email notifications for when there are problems. Uptime Kuma also lets you design custom status pages that you can use to share public information about your service health statuses and to manage incidents.

Uptime Kuma uses a local SQLite database to store metrics and other data. This configuration uses Litestream to stream the SQLite database to an S3-compatible object storage provider for persistence across deployments.


  • An S3-compatible object storage provider to store and stream Uptime Kuma's SQLite database using Litestream.


When deploying Uptime Kuma on Koyeb, the following environment variables will be provided. Take care to set the required variables with the appropriate values if not set.

VariableDescriptionRequiredDefault value
UPTIME_KUMA_PORTThe port that Uptime Kuma runs on.Yes8000
LITESTREAM_ACCESS_KEY_IDThe object storage provider's API key ID.Yes
LITESTREAM_SECRET_ACCESS_KEYThe object storage provider's API key.Yes
LITESTREAM_BUCKETThe object storage bucket name.Yes
LITESTREAM_PATHThe directory to store your Uptime Kuma database information. All Litestream objects will be placed in this directory within the bucket.Yesuptime-kuma
LITESTREAM_URLThe URL to access your object storage endpoint. Must start with https://.Yes
LITESTREAM_REGIONThe region of your object storage bucket.Yes

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