Ollama is a self-hosted AI solution to run open-source large language models on your own infrastructure.


Ollama is a self-hosted AI solution to run open-source large language models, such as Llama 2, Mistral, and other LLMs locally or on your own infrastructure. Ollama exposes a REST API and provides Python and JavaScript libraries to integrate with your apps easily.

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Once the Ollama server is deployed, you can start interacting with the Ollama API via your Koyeb App URL similar to: https://<YOUR_APP_NAME>-<YOUR_KOYEB_ORG>.koyeb.app.

Let's pull one of the available Ollama models and make a request to the Ollama API:

The following example shows how to pull the llama2 model via the Ollama API.

curl https://<YOUR_APP_NAME>-<YOUR_KOYEB_ORG>.koyeb.app/api/pull -d '{
  "name": "llama2"

Once the domain is pulled, we can start generating a response for a given prompt with a provided model. The following example shows how to generate a response from the llama2 model for the prompt "Why is the sky blue?".

curl https://<YOUR_APP_NAME>-<YOUR_KOYEB_ORG>.koyeb.app/api/generate -d '{
  "model": "llama2",
  "prompt":"Why is the sky blue?",
  "stream": false

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