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Fooocus is an AI-powered image generation tool made with Gradio to create images in a variety of styles based on user prompts. It offers an offline, open-source alternative to solutions like Midjourney by providing helpful defaults and re-centering prompting as the primary user input.

This Starter deploys Fooocus to Koyeb in one click. By default, it deploys on an Nvidia RTX 4000 SFF Ada GPU Instance. Once deployed, you can access the web interface to generate images on demand.



You must run Fooocus on a GPU Instance type.

If you want to password protect your Fooocus instance, add the FOOOCUS_USERNAME and FOOOCUS_PASSWORD environment variables with appropriate values during deployment.

In the Health checks section of the configuration page, set the Grace period to 300 to allow time to download the necessary models from Hugging Face.

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