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Koyeb Serverless Postgres Pricing

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Today, we’re introducing Small, Medium, and Large PostgreSQL databases with up to 4GB of RAM in private preview. These databases are designed for production workloads, are fully managed, and are highly available by design.


  • The small Serverless Postgres with 1GB of RAM will start at $20.89 per month or $0.0000078 per second,
  • Serverless databases can allow up to 88% savings compared to tradional databases (see below)
  • We will maintain a forever free tier with 50 active hours per month.

Since the beginning of the Serverless Postgres Public Preview, you asked for larger databases and about pricing. Here are the resources and pricing for the Postgres types:

Price50 active hours$20.89/mo

Regarding storage, read, and writes:

  • 1GB of storage will be included for all databases with additional storage at $2/mo per 10GiB.
  • Writes and reads will be charged at $0.10/GB, bandwidth included.

Up to 88% savings compared to traditional databases

As the databases auto-sleep, you’ll automatically benefit from a significant price reduction if you don’t need it 24/7. Here are some scenarios where the Serverless capabilities will save a lot:

ScenarioCost of a Small instanceSavingsNumber of hoursFormula
Development, Staging, or CI environments$2.47/mo88%4 hours/day during weekdays
~88 hours
22 days x 4 hours x 3600 seconds x $0.0000078
Extended business hours$7.41/mo64%8 am - 8 pm during weekdays
~264 hours
22 days x 12 hours x 3600 seconds x $0.0000078

For 24/7 workloads, you benefit from high availability by design, avoiding the necessity of a costly replica (aka 100% saved).

Request access and more

For now, these new sizes are in private preview and will not be charged. We will start charging for usage on the 1st of February. To get access, just reach out throught the control panel!

We're excited to see what you will build with Koyeb Serverless Postgres and we're looking forward to your feedback to help us shape the product.

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