Service Discovery and Mesh

Discover how the Koyeb service discovery and mesh work

Koyeb provides a built-in service discovery mechanism to easily connect to other internal services of your application. This is coupled with a service mesh to ensure all inter-service communications are encrypted.

There is zero configuration needed to benefit from the service Mesh. Just use the provided private domain which looks like <servicename>.<appname>.

Private networking

Services deployed in a Koyeb App can communicate with each other using the mesh network. You can use both IPv4 and IPv6 to interact with your resources inside the mesh.

The mesh network is available across all regions used in your App. It means that your Apps' services deployed in Paris and New York City can communicate securely using the mesh.

Service discovery

Each service you deploy in a Koyeb App comes with a unique private domain name matching the service name. This domain name allows you to easily communicate with other internal services using a predictable domain name.

The table below showcases the different ways you can reach a service inside a Koyeb App

<service_name>availableReach a service instance across all regions.
<region_name>.<service_name>.<app_name>.internalcoming soonReach an instance of the service in a specific region.

In the future, we plan to add TXT records to:

  • Retrieve all services and their regions inside a Koyeb App
  • Retrieve all regions a specific service is deployed