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Koyeb Secrets allow secure storage and use of sensitive information like passwords or API tokens. The Secrets feature can be used in Stacks. To connect third-party stores, you must configure Secrets with your credentials.

You can use Secrets to store:

  • Access credentials for databases or APIs,
  • Third-party provider credentials,
  • Reusable configuration variables.

All Secret values are automatically encrypted server-side to ensure secure storage. To prevent unauthorized access, Secrets access must be explicitly granted in your Stack functions.

Create a Secret

To create a Secret:

  1. From your Koyeb Control Panel, click Secrets located in the left side menu;
  2. Click Create Secret
  3. In the Create Secret modal, enter your Secret name and value. Make sure to choose an explicit name as you will need this name to use the Secret as well as validate it to save your Secret."

Now, your secret has been created and is ready to use!

Using Secrets

Secrets can be used with stores and stacks:

Delete a Secret

Deleting a Secret is permanent and irreversible. When you delete a Secret, all resources using it will lose access to its value.

To delete a Secret:

  1. Click on Secrets located in the menu on the left side to go to the Secrets page
  2. In your list of Secrets, find the Secret you wish to delete
  3. Click on the three dots at the end of the row for the Secret you want to delete
  4. Click delete
  5. A warning modal appears to ask for confirmation before deleting the Secret. If you want to delete this Secret, click Delete Secret

Your Secret is now deleted.

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