Local SSD Storage

Understand when and when not to use the local SSD storage.

All the instances powering your services come with blazing fast local SSDs to store your service code and temporary data.

Local storage is ephemeral

A critical thing to remember is that local storage is ephemeral. This means that all data written on the local filesystem of a runnning service might be lost at any moment.

Local data is not saved or migrated when the instances supporting your service are rescheduled to another physical server. Instance rescheduling happens during automatic software upgrades which are performed at least on a weekly basis.

To save data, you should rely on a database or object storage solution providing data persistence guarantees.

On the other end, local storage is perfect for caches or temporary data which needs high performance.

Encryption at rest

We see security as a crucial subject and we believe this should be a built-in feature, not an option.

To prevent data leaks, we encrypt all customer data stored at rest, without any action required from you. All customer data stored on our hypervisors are encrypted using AES256.

Our hypervisor SSDs are also erased when they are decommissioned, encryption at rest adds another layer of security to prevent data leak in case of a process failure.