Apps provides an environment to deploy and run your applications.

The Koyeb platform is built around the concept of Apps which represent your applications. Koyeb Apps are designed to be flexible and can contain multiple services, including APIs, web apps, and workers.

What is an App?

Koyeb Apps contain all the components needed to run your applications, including native HTTP load-balancing, a built-in service mesh, and up to 16 Services.

All Apps have:

  • Versioned Services: Services represent a component of your application like web service, APIs, and workers. We deploy autoscaling containers for all your services. Services are automatically versioned to provide full traceability.
  • Our Edge network with native load-balancing, TLS, and caching: All your Apps automatically get a subdomain of koyeb.app looking like <appname-orgname>.koyeb.app which is routed via our Global Edge Network. Our Global Edge network provides native load-balancing, TLS encryption, and caching (like a CDN).
  • A built-in service discovery engine and mesh network: Inside of your App, all your services are automatically accessible using auto-provisioned DNS entries. All inter-service communications are transparently secured via an encrypted private network. This works for both intra- and inter-region service-to-service communication.

Services can easily be deployed in multiple regions.