Organizations allow you to collaborate as a team. Learn how to create, manage, and invite users to your team.

With your Koyeb account, you can create and join organizations to collaborate as a team. Each organization has its own billing information, plan, resources, and members.

The documentation covers the following:

Create an organization

You can create an organization from your personal account settings in the control panel.

For each organization you create, you will have to:

  • Choose an organization name: This name will be used to identify your organization and to compose the default URL of your Koyeb Apps. The organization name must be unique across all Koyeb organizations and can be changed at any time
  • Add your payment information: This will be used to charge your organization's resource usage

At the moment, you cannot be a member of more than 5 organizations. If you need more please email us at

Switch between organizations

You can switch between organizations via the control panel by clicking on:

  • The icon next to your organization name from the top left navigation bar
  • The Switch button of the organizations list you are a member of in your personal account settings

Invite members

For each organization you are a member of, you can add team members by going the organization members page.

To invite a member, you need to enter the email address of the person you want to invite and click the Invite button. When this action is performed, an email is sent to the person to join the organization.

If the email address is not registered to Koyeb, the person will be able to view the invitation and join the organization after creating an account.

While the invitation is not accepted, you can:

  • Resend the invitation: Click on the Resend button next to the invitation on the organization invitations page
  • Remove the invitation: Click on the Remove button next to the invitation on the organization invitations page

Manage members

You can manage the members of your organization via the organization members page.

From this page you can:

  • View organization members: The list of members is displayed with their name and associated email address
  • Remove members: Click on the Remove button next to the member you want to remove from the organization

An organization needs to have at least one member. If you are the last member of an organization, you will need to delete the organization and all associated resources to leave it.

Visualize organization members' activity

Each organization has its own activity containing the history of actions performed on the organization. This allows organization members to have a detailed trail of the organization's activity.

You can access the centralized stream of all user activity within your organization via the activity page.

Organization-scoped resources

Each organization has its own, isolated resources such as: apps, services, deployments, instances, secrets, container registry configurations, metrics, logs, domains, plan and billing details, activities, API access tokens, and more.

Important: API access tokens created by users will not be revoked when the user is no longer a member of the organization but deactivated. That means API access tokens created by a user who left or was removed from an organization will still exist but not work anymore. If the user rejoins the organization those API access tokens will be reactivated.


Each user can be a member of a maximum of 5 organizations. If you need more please email us at

The maximum number of members per organization is based on the organization's current plan.

PlanMax number of members