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FoxSell's Journey to Time, Cost, and Performance Optimization with Koyeb

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Today, e-commerce has become much of the world's preferred way to shop, thanks to its convenience and accessibility. With more shoppers looking at online stores, both small and large businesses alike need to establish their presence in the online marketplace.

A key player in this transition is Shopify, a game-changing commerce platform that simplifies building, customizing, growing, and managing an online store. Complementing Shopify’s robust platform is FoxSell, a suite of Shopify Apps that focuses on increasing Average Order Value (AOV) for a Shopify store.

FoxSell offers strategic bundling options for the store that nudges the customers to buy more. Powering over 1700 Shopify stores, FoxSell is committed towards increasing sales and AOV for every Shopify Merchant.

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The Challenge: Time, Cost, and Performance Optimization

Deploying applications often involves managing the underlying infrastructure, which can be a significant burden. Keeping infrastructure in-house can lead to lost time and additional costs due to the need for maintenance and upgrades. Furthermore, ensuring peak performance is crucial, as any lag or downtime can negatively impact user experience and business operations.

When FoxSell discovered Koyeb, the team wasted no time in putting the platform to the test. Koyeb exceeded their expectations by providing fast response times for their applications and a feeling similar to Vercel, but for the backend. Within two days, FoxSell migrated all of its services to Koyeb and totally revamped its infrastructure with zero downtime. Read on to discover how FoxSell saves time and money while enjoying unparalleled performance.

FoxSell's Tech Stack and Services

FoxSell runs its entire infrastructure on Koyeb, leveraging the platform’s robust capabilities. The entirety of FoxSell's backend, including the backend of the bundling tool and the backend of the sliding tool finds its home on Koyeb's serverless platform.

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Both FoxSell's staging and production environments run on Koyeb. The staging environment enables FoxSell to test and validate changes before deploying updates to the live production environment.

FoxSell’s Tech Stack: Django, Celery, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. FoxSell's tech stack is tailored to deliver modern e-commerce features. The services are written in Python with Django. Celery is used to handle asynchronous tasks efficiently. For data persistence, FoxSell uses both a Managed PostgreSQL Databases and MongoDB. This hybrid approach enables FoxSell to accommodate diverse data structures and access data efficiently.

The Solution: Outstanding Price Performance, Streamlined Global Deployments, Seamless Migration and Reactive Support

Foxsell reaps significant benefits from leveraging Koyeb's platform, which enhances its operational efficiency and overall productivity.

Koyeb has been a game-changer for FoxSell. Its lightning-fast performance and seamless deployments have revolutionized our operations, saving us valuable time and resources. The ease of migration and responsive support have truly made Koyeb a great choice for hosting our services.

Prakhar ShrivastavaCo-founder, FoxSell

Streamlined Global Deployments without DevOps

The Koyeb platform streamlines the deployment process by abstracting away server management complexities and offering unparalleled ease of use compared to traditional providers like AWS. With zero-configuration networking and native global load balancing across Koyeb's edge network of 250+ locations, FoxSell's services benefit from seamless inter- and intra-region communication. The reduction in operational overhead frees up valuable time for FoxSell to concentrate on innovation and growth rather than infrastructure management.

Strategically distributed across multiple regions, FoxSell's infrastructure boasts deployments in Washington (USA) and Frankfurt (Germany). This geographical redundancy not only enhances reliability but also minimizes latency, ensuring a seamless experience for FoxSell's global user base.

Best in Class Performance on Bare Metal Machines

Powered by high-end bare metal servers, the Koyeb platform delivers exceptional performance, evidenced by the noticeable improvement in response times for FoxSell's services compared to other providers.

Another factor contributing to FoxSell's outstanding performance is Koyeb's use of Firecracker microVMs. These lightweight virtual machines offer the perfect balance between power and resource efficiency, ensuring FoxSell's services run optimally without any unnecessary overhead.

Leveraging Eco Instances and Managed PostgreSQL Services

When developing a new internal admin panel, FoxSell opted for Koyeb's Managed PostgreSQL Databases and Eco Instances to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Koyeb's introduction of Eco Instances presented a significant cost-saving opportunity for FoxSell while offering great performance. FoxSell noticed that Koyeb’s most affordable tiers are much more potent and affordable compared to similar offers from AWS.

Zero Downtime Migration in Under 2 Days

Transitioning an entire infrastructure to a new platform can often be a daunting and stressful process. However, migrating to Koyeb is a breeze. The entire process of migrating FoxSell's services to the Koyeb Platform was completed in under two days without any downtime.

Another advantage as a result of the migration, FoxSell now enjoys the added bonus of a unified dashboard and fast, consistent, response times across all its services.

Exceptional and Reactive Support

One of the standout benefits of FoxSell's use of the Koyeb platform is the exceptional support. Koyeb's support team goes above and beyond to ensure FoxSell's services run smoothly. With a private Slack channel, FoxSell receives quick responses and expert help from the Koyeb team, ensuring a seamless experience.

This level of support has proven invaluable to FoxSell. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues, fine-tuning configurations, or exploring new features, FoxSell can rely on Koyeb's responsive support team to provide the assistance they need, when they need it.

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If you want to explore FoxSell’s apps to customize Shopify stores, check out its website and Shopify Apps for bundles as well as sliders and carousels.


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