Edge Cache

Edge Cache

Koyeb's Global Edge Network caches content according to the caching headers set and returned by your Service.

Your content is automatically cached in 250+ edge locations depending on where your users are located.

Cache-Control headers

For our Edge Network to properly cache your content, you need to set Cache-Control headers. To learn more about using the Cache-Control header with Koyeb, check our post on using Cache-Control and CDNs to improve performance and reduce latency (opens in a new tab).

Cache invalidation

The cached content associated with your Service is automatically invalidated after each successful deployment.

Headers that Koyeb sets

Koyeb sets the standard x-forwarded-for and x-forwarded-host headers for requests to your application so that you can identify the IP address of the client and the original domain they requested.

We follow the standard for x-forwarded-for headers and append the IP which was used to connect to Koyeb to the end of the header. From a security perspective, the last IP of the x-forwarded-for is the only IP we can certify as valid.