Deploy DocuSeal to create, fill and sign digital documents


DocuSeal is an open-source document signing and management platform. It allows you to upload PDFs and other digital documents and mark them up to define the fields and signatures needed. Afterwards, you can send out signing requests to all relevant parties and managed the lifecycle of the signature process from within a centralized hub. DocuSeal can be deployed to your own infrastructure and configured to use custom email messaging to make sure it fits your organization's needs.


  • A PostgreSQL connection string. You can start up a PostgreSQL database on Koyeb using Koyeb Database Services.
  • (Post-deployment) An S3-compatible object storage provider to store documents and related assets.
  • (Post-deployment) SMTP information for a mail account to send send transactional emails to users for account-related activity and document notifications.


When deploying DocuSeal on Koyeb, the following environment variables will be provided. Take care to set the required variables with the appropriate values if not set.

DATABASE_URLThe connection string for your PostgreSQL database.Yes
SECRET_KEY_BASEA unique random string (can generate locally with openssl rand -hex 64).Yes

After deploying DocuSeal, visit the application's domain to create an admin account and log in.

From the DocuSeal administration page, configure object storage so that your documents persist across redeployments.

Configure SMTP for email in order to send transactional emails to users.

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