Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone. You are in charge of your own data, workflow, and appearance.

Overview is a meeting and event scheduling platform designed to make it easy for people to schedule time with you. By integrating with your existing calendar systems, allow people to see your availability and select a time slot that works well for both parties. knows how to handle multiple calendars, can integrate with video conferencing software, offers configurable availability settings, and keep all participants in the loop through email when there are meeting changes.


  • A PostgreSQL connection string. You can start up a PostgreSQL database on Koyeb using Koyeb Database Services.
  • SMTP information for a mail account to send send transactional emails to users and attendees.

Configuration requires a Koyeb Instance of size small or larger.

When deploying on Koyeb, the following environment variables will be provided. Take care to set the required variables with the appropriate values if not set.

NEXT_PUBLIC_WEBAPP_URLSet to https:// followed by the fully qualified App name at the bottom of the page (using format: https://<APP_NAME>-<KOYEB_ORG> without a trailing slash).Yes
DATABASE_URLThe connection string for your PostgreSQL database.Yes
NEXTAUTH_SECRETA unique random string generated locally with openssl rand -base64 32).Yes
CALENDSO_ENCRYPTION_KEYA unique random generated locally with openssl rand -base64 24).Yes
EMAIL_SERVER_HOSTHostname of the SMTP server.Yes
EMAIL_SERVER_PORTPort of the SMTP server.Yes
EMAIL_SERVER_USERUsername to use for authentication with the SMTP server.Yes
EMAIL_SERVER_PASSWORDPassword to use for authentication with the SMTP server.Yes
EMAIL_FROMThe email address to send emails from. Usually this is something like notifications@ followed by the full app domain.Yes
CALCOM_TELEMETRY_DISABLEDSet to 1 to disable sending anonymous usage data.No

After deploying, visit the application's domain to create an admin account and log in. You must enable two-factor authentication to access administration settings.

Afterwards, you can configure integrations with your calendar provider to get started. You might have to redeploy the application with additional environment variables required by the calendar provider integration.

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