Open-source authentication and authorization solution for your applications


Authorizer is an open-source authentication and authorization platform for applications. It supports a number of different authentication methods including basic authentication, magic links, social logins, and multi-factor authentication. Using Authorizer, you can configure a secure authentication layer that can be used across various applications and servers, helping you provide account-based services to your applications without the headache.


  • A PostgreSQL connection string. You can start up a PostgreSQL database on Koyeb using Koyeb Database Services.
  • (Optional) SMTP information for a mail account to send messages to users for verification, two-factor authentication, and more.


When deploying Authorizer on Koyeb, the following environment variables will be provided. Take care to set the required variables with the appropriate values if not set.

Note: You can optionally configure SMTP information after deployment in the authorizer admin panel.

VariableDescriptionRequiredDefault value
DATABASE_TYPEThe type of database used.Yespostgres
DATABASE_URLThe connection string for your PostgreSQL database.Yes
SMTP_HOSTThe SMTP service's domain name.No
SMTP_PORTThe SMTP service's port.No
SMTP_USERNAMEThe SMTP username to authenticate with.No
SMTP_PASSWORDThe password for the SMTP username.No
SENDER_EMAILThe email address to send messages from.No

You will be asked to set an administrative password in when you first log in through the admin panel.

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