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Article Spain's Leading Platform for Extra-Curricular Activities Deploys 10x Faster with Koyeb

5 min is an all-in-one booking platform for kids' activities in Spain. Offering more than 2,000 classes, camps, and events to over 17,000 monthly visitors, is on a mission to help parents navigate the complex world of extra-curricular activities and to help activity organizers manage and grow their businesses.

For businesses, streamlines bookings, payments, and client management. This year, plans to serve over 15,000 businesses and 50,000 families.'s Dashboard

The Challenges: Long Build and Deployment Times and Time-Consuming Manual Processes

Last year, encountered challenges stemming from a growing number of manual processes and a steady increase in the number of pages added to the marketplace, leading to longer build times. Both of these issues were time-consuming and costly and led the team to look for solutions.

To address the growing build times, decided to switch to server side rendering. Its previous hosting provider was not the best fit for this use case, so the team started looking for another platform where they could run its infrastructure cost-effectively.

Additionally, dedicated a lot of time to manual processes during new deployments with its previous setup. The team was looking for a managed solution offering a seamless integration with GitHub and a robust CI pipeline.

Enter Koyeb, a managed infrastructure provider that enables businesses to deploy their services to production in just minutes. With Koyeb, was able to automate its CI/CD pipeline, reduce deployment times, save on infrastructure costs, and scale with its growing business.'s Tech Stack

Under the hood, the front-end of's marketplace is a Nuxt application stored in a GitHub repository. The Nuxt application is connected to Koyeb via the platform's GitHub integration.

Automatic continuous deployments are enabled for's staging environments. The team creates preview environments for its staging environment before manually deploying changes to its production environment using the Koyeb CLI.

Hours Saved Every Week with Managed Infrastructure and Automated Processes

By using the Koyeb platform, automated its build and deployment operations, significantly reducing the time to deploy and streamlining its workflow. With Koyeb's seamless GitHub integration, every push to's repository automatically triggers a new deployment to's staging environment.

In addition to the robust built-in CI/CD pipeline, the Koyeb platform provides a collection of built-in features that the team leverages for its application: a high-performance edge network, global load balancing, environment variable and Secrets management, and the Koyeb CLI to interact with its Services directly from the terminal, and more. Koyeb's managed infrastructure enabled to save hours every week, boost deployment speed, and focus on growing its business.

We are able to push changes to production so much faster than before. The deployment speed and cost savings have made a major positive impact on our business.

β€” Oriol Castro ArnauSenior Frontend Engineer at

Cost Optimization with High-Value Top-Tier Infrastructure

In addition to saving time from automating processes, optimized its cloud costs with Koyeb's cost-effective infrastructure, enabling them to save money while optimizing its performance. While searching for its new solution, found that other hosting solutions could not match the cost-effectiveness, performance, and scalability offered by Koyeb's infrastructure.

Another way is reducing its cloud cost is by leveraging Koyeb's forever-free Instance to run its staging environment. The free Instance is a great way to minimize costs while maintaining a reliable testing environment for developing its application. For its production environment, scaled its infrastructure to keep two Instances running at all times. This setup ensures that its application is always available and can handle the traffic spikes that come with running a popular marketplace.

Migration Made Easy: Done in Weeks, Not Months

In total, the team was able to migrate its infrastructure to Koyeb in just a few weeks. The first bit of infrastructure migrated was its staging environment. From end-to-end, this migration took about one week as the team took their time to explore the platform and play around with the new deployment experience and workflow.

After migrating the staging environment, configured preview environments. For this, they followed Koyeb's guide on deploying preview environments using GitHub Actions.

By the way, automatic preview environments are a highly-demanded feature on the platform. Stay tuned, they are coming soon!

A few days later, migrated its production environment. During this time, the team fine-tuned its deployment setup by choosing the optimal Instance sizes for its workloads.

Koyeb Features Highlighted

Ready to Deploy Worldwide in Just Minutes? πŸš€ 🌎's migration to Koyeb reduced its deployment times and conserved valuable resources. If you are looking to streamline your build and deployment processes and automate your CI/CD pipelines, Koyeb is a solution to explore.

Ready to deploy your full stack apps, databases, APIs, and workers worldwide in minutes? Sign up and deploy your first service for free.

And if you are in Spain and looking for activities for your kids, check out! You'll certainly find a great experience for your little ones.


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