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New Frankfurt location: deploy high-performance apps in Europe

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Today, we are super excited to announce the grand opening of our Frankfurt core location in Germany! 🇩🇪🇪🇺 All users can now deploy their applications in the heart of Europe with one click, or API call, and enjoy all of the platform's features with the same pricing. Give it a try, sign up and deploy your full-stack apps now!

As usual, we will seamlessly deploy your services across a fleet of high-performance MicroVMs running on top of BareMetal servers. All the built-in features including continuous delivery, auto-healing, seamless horizontal scaling, service mesh, edge network, and global load balancing features are there.

Frankfurt was highly demanded and is the largest connectivity hub in Europe. With its unique connectivity and the presence of the largest European Internet Exchange, DE-CIX, it's an amazing place to run high-performance and low-latency applications for European users.

Keep reading to learn:

Get ready for intercontinental deployments

Since the announcement of the public preview, we've been super busy dealing with the huge influx of new users. But we didn't forget our original mission: provide the fastest way to deploy applications globally.

To get ready for our next intercontinental deployment, we invested time in crafting our global deployment architecture with the goal to deploy new locations faster. The first result is Frankfurt, now our main location in Europe.

This work paid off and a new location, on another continent, is in the starting block for a release tomorrow.

Remember that you can always vote for the locations you need on our feedback platform to keep track of our progress and be the first to know when we release them.

And if you want to see new locations be released even faster and want to help, we're hiring!

Deploy in Frankfurt

Deploying in Frankfurt is as simple as clicking one button on your service’s configuration page or adding a parameter to your app creation command. Here is how to deploy an application in Frankfurt using the Koyeb CLI and the control panel.

Via the Koyeb CLI

To deploy a sample Go application via the Koyeb CLI, run the following command:

koyeb app init example-golang \
--git \
--git-branch main \
--ports 8080:http \
--routes /:8080 \
--env PORT=8080
--regions [fra]

Access your app
Once the deployment of your application has finished, you can retrieve the public domain to access your application by running the following command:

koyeb app get example-golang
ID      	NAME          	STATUS 	DOMAINS                              	CREATED AT
22858b1e	example-golang	HEALTHY	[""]	13 Dec 22 13:32 UTC

Via the control panel

You can deploy from the control panel by following three steps:

  1. Select your deployment method
  2. Import your project
  3. Configure your service

Simple pay-per-use pricing, start with free credit every month

If you're already familiar with our pricing, nothing changes. Pricing is the same across all of our regions. Otherwise, keep reading for a short recap.

Our pricing model is linear and depends on the amount of RAM, CPU, and local storage you use. We charge $0.000001/second per 256MB of RAM. Since this is way too many zeros for most human beings, we often express it by the hour: $0.0036/hr, or by month: about $2.68/mo for months with 31 days.

The amount of RAM/CPU/SSD currently has a fixed ratio and you can find the math for the various sizes on our pricing page.

As for public data transfer, we do not charge for incoming requests/bandwidth and provide 100GB of free outbound bandwidth every month. We will charge $0.04/GB for outbound bandwidth when it goes above 100GB per month.

This applies on our two main plans:

  • Starter: pay-per-use for personal projects with $5.5 of free credit every month. Once that amount is exhausted, we will charge based on how many resources (RAM, CPU, local storage) you use, by the second.
  • Startup: for production, more resources, support and SLA. When you are ready to switch to production or need larger instances with more RAM or CPU, we offer the Startup plan at $79/month. It's a flat fee and then you pay for the resources you consume.

Core locations and our global edge network

Our global edge network and core locations work together to provide high performance for your end users located around the world. While our edge network is useful for accelerating TLS connections and reducing latency by caching content, deploying in core locations near users improves performance for all the operations that cannot be cached at the edge.

If you're curious, we explained how our edge network and core locations work together when we wrote about how we are building a multi-region service mesh.

The Frankfurt core location lets you deploy your applications in the heart of Europe and run closer to your users. We provide a built-in global edge network, meaning wherever your end users are located, requests for your application will be routed through the nearest edge location, significantly reducing delivery latency.

Frankfurt is an unparalleled international connectivity hub

edge network

Frankfurt is home to DE-CIX, the largest internet exchange point in Europe. The German Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) is a carrier and data center-neutral internet exchange. It connects over 3,000 ISPs, cloud providers, content providers, and corporate networks from over 100 countries around the world. A few hours ago, a new data throughput record was established in Frankfurt, with 13.86 terabits per second.


Located in the heart of continental Europe, Frankfurt is home to a booming financial hub, to the European Central Bank, and, more importantly for us, to a dense concentration of data centers and internet companies. It is one of Europe's networking hubs alongside Amsterdam, Paris, and London.

Data centers in Frankfurt, Germany

Map of data centers in Frankfurt (2022). Photo credit DataCenterJournal.

With over a thousand network providers and Internet companies operating in the region, Frankfurt is one of the world’s most mature ecosystems for interconnectivity.

This is a crucial topic for us as a cloud platform as network latency is one of the key parameters impacting the performance of applications. At the root of network performance are interconnections: physical connections between multiple parties, typically network providers, ISPs, carriers, cloud providers, data centers, and enterprises.

Frankfurt data center

Photo from and Interxion.

Deploy now

Please join us in welcoming this new core location! You can now enjoy all of your favorite features — continuous deployment with git, native auto-healing, global load balancing, global edge network, service mesh and discovery, custom domains and more — while running your applications in Frankfurt.

Ready to run your applications even closer to your users? Deploy in the heart of Europe with Koyeb!

Want to know what's in store? Explore our public roadmap, there are plenty of hints there. By the way, if you have an idea to improve the platform - big or small - you can tell us on our feedback platform.

We opened our community platform recently. Jump in over there or find us @gokoyeb to reach out and stay in the loop for all the platform news.

There is more to come. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

By the way, if building this kind of technology sounds fun, we are hiring all over Europe.


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