About Koyeb

We enable faster, cheaper and more efficient Cloud Platforms

We are building a next generation Platform to manage the Cloud Storage Stack across Clouds and Edges.
We speak of the Cloud Storage Stack, as it's not only about the Storage itself, it's about giving value to the data and controlling its complete lifecycle. We're building a platform to fuel the various data pipelines of the cloud-native era (Distribution, AI, Analytics to name a few) without losing control.

Primary Cloud Infrastructure services are now commodity, Cloud Compute & Storage are now behind nearly all Online Platforms built in the last decade. As a pioneer in smart storage solutions for the cloud-native era, we are committed to building the industry first Cloud Platform dedicated to data management and optimisation across multiple Cloud Service Providers. Koyeb aims to remove vendor lock-in with seamless migration between CSPs and to provide a single point of management for multi-cloud environments.

Think of us as a Meta Cloud Provider.

Édouard Bonlieu
Édouard Bonlieu
Yann Léger
Yann Léger
Bastien Chatelard
Bastien Chatelard

Our history

We started Koyeb as a team of three founders, Edouard, Bastien and I, Yann. Edouard is currently in charge of the product, ensuring we fulfill all our users needs, while Bastien takes care of the heavy duty of envisioning a rock solid technology for our platform. Koyeb is our second venture and here is a bit of our history to understand our motivations.

Working in the cloud industry since 2011 and former executives at Scaleway, the 2nd largest Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in Europe, we've seen the rise of Cloud Platforms from the inside out during the last decade.

At Scaleway, we have been part of the founding team at the time when 2nd generation Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers came to market. We've seen our users easily migrate their Compute services between CSPs and use multiple Compute services thanks to a rich ecosystem. We've also seen users struggle to migrate their data between CSPs due to complexity and vendor locking.

The adoption of the cloud as now risen to a point where nearly all companies use the cloud to store all or part of their data. A large part of them end up locked with one particular cloud vendor for the storage and management of their data, in effect making them captive of their CSP. We believe we can support these companies, enable simple migration between CSPs and allow users to easily leverage the power of multiple CSPs.

Our mission is to provide a third generation Cloud Platform, leveraging the power of installed infrastructure providers.

Yann Léger, CEO and Co-Founder
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