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Qwigo Leverages Koyeb for Rapid Global Deployments and High-Performance MicroVMs

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Meet Qwigo, a creative web and mobile development delivering exceptional websites and mobile apps to grow your business.

When Qwigo needed to build an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service, they started to look for a high-performance solution within their budget to deploy and run their application. Qwigo was happy to find Koyeb, a managed infrastructure solution that checked all their boxes and more.

OCR services, also known as text-recognition services, specialize in extracting and transforming characters from various sources such as scanned documents, PDFs, and images. These services are extremely helpful whenever businesses seek to streamline manual data entry processes, providing a time-saving mechanism that facilitates easy access and editing of the original documents. On the hardware level, OCR is heavily CPU-intensive, requiring high-performance machines to ensure fast processing.

That's where Koyeb comes in. Koyeb is a managed infrastructure solution that provides high-performance microVMs to run their applications and databases worldwide. Koyeb's microVMs are powered by Firecracker, a lightweight virtualization technology that enables Koyeb to provide the best performance-price ratio on the market.


Qwigo’s requirements:

  • High performance for their CPU-intensive service
  • An outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Multi-region deployments across the US and Europe
  • Unified platform to run their applications and databases in the same place
  • Native Secrets management to manage sensitive information

We tried 6 other PaaS/Serverless platforms for our OCR service and Koyeb was at the head of the pack for performance, ease of use, and features. It was a no-brainer!

Brian JinwrightCEO, Qwigo

Unmatched performance, great DX, and all the right features at the right price

While searching for a solution, Qwigo explored available PaaS and serverless platforms including Heroku, DigitalOcean Apps, and Google Cloud Run. Not only was the performance-price ratio offered by Koyeb unmatched, Koyeb natively provides multi-region deployments across the US and Europe, Secrets management, easy integration for their Neon database, and all the features Qwigo needed to deploy their service worldwide.

With just a few minutes, Qwigo could deploy their pre-built Docker image on Koyeb using the container registry of their choice and run their service across multiple regions in the US and Europe. Koyeb’s high-performance microVMs handle the CPU-intensive workload of their OCR service with ease. Qwigo also leverages Koyeb's built-in metrics to monitor their application and ensure it is running smoothly.

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