Wiki.js is an extensible, modern wiki project for creating collaborative knowledge bases


Wiki.js is a flexible, modern wiki project for creating collaborative knowledge bases and documentation sites. It can be deployed publicly by defining content visibility and editing policies or privately to act as an internal knowledge base. Wiki.js offers considerable customization and extensibility through a module system that allows administrators to integrate with popular analytics, search, and authentication providers seamlessly.

This Starter deploys Wiki.js to Koyeb with one click. It uses a PostgreSQL database for persistent data.



Wiki.js recommends a minimum of 2 cores and 1GB of RAM. An appropriate minimum instance size has been selected, but you can modify it if you require more resources.

There are a few environment variables you must fill in to connect Wiki.js to your database. Open the Environment variables section to edit these will your database information:

  • DB_TYPE: Set to postgres to indicate a PostgreSQL database.
  • DB_HOST: Set to the hostname of your PostgreSQL database.
  • DB_PORT: Set to 5432, the default PostgreSQL listening port.
  • DB_USER: Set to your PostgreSQL user.
  • DB_PASS: Set to the password for the defined PostgreSQL user.
  • DB_NAME: Set to the name of the PostgreSQL database.
  • DB_SSL: Set to true to connect to the database securely. Koyeb's databases require TLS/SSL for all connections.

After the initial installation and configuration, you can optionally redeploy with additional replicas for scalability. If you do so, be sure to set the following environment variable to enable replica coordination:

  • HA_ACTIVE: Set to true if deploying multiple replicas. This can only be enabled after the wiki has been installed and configured.

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