The fast analytics with a friendly UX and integrated tooling to let your company explore data on their own.


Metabase is a simple and powerful analytics tool that lets anyone learn and make decisions from their company’s data—no technical knowledge required. Metabase allows you to integrate all of your data into a single platform and offer data exploration tools to teams with varying levels of technical expertise. You can create dashboards to visualize changes, create models to simplify access to information, and run saved or ad hoc queries to find the data that matters most to you.


  • Query builder: Get answers in a few clicks
  • Drill-through: Pull threads in your data
  • Collections and verified items: Keep things organized
  • Analytics dashboards: Share insights with anyone, anywhere
  • SQL editor: For advanced data users
  • Sandboxing: Set boundaries around your data
  • Models: A starting point for questions
  • Permissions: Keep your data secure and private
  • CSV upload: Go beyond VLOOKUP



When deploying Metabase on Koyeb, the following environment variables will be provided. Take care to set the required variables with the appropriate values if not set.

VariableDescriptionDefault valueRequired
MB_DB_CONNECTION_URIThe connection string for your PostgreSQL database.Yes
JAVA_OPTSThe Java options to pass to the JVM."-Xmx1g"Yes

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