Deploy FlowiseAI, an open-source low-code tool to build customize LLM orchestration and AI agents


Flowise is an open-source AI tool primarily oriented towards building custom LLM workflows and creating AI agents. Using an easy-to-use web interface, users can build fully-integrated pipelines using a wide variety of AI tools to accomplish complex tasks.

This Starter deploys a Flowise instance that can be used to create and deploy your own workflows. It relies on an external PostgreSQL database in order to persist across redeployments.


  • A web-accessible PostgreSQL database. You can start up a PostgreSQL database on Koyeb using Koyeb Database Services.


Flowise requires a Koyeb Instance of size small or larger.

When deploying Flowise on Koyeb, the following environment variables will be provided. Take care to set the required variables with the appropriate values if not set.

Note: All of the following environment variables are required.

  • APIKEY_PATH: Set to /root/.flowise.
  • DATABASE_TYPE: Set to postgres.
  • DATABASE_SSL: Set to yes.
  • DATABASE_HOST: The PostgreSQL database hostname.
  • DATABASE_NAME: The name of the PostgreSQL database to connect to.
  • DATABASE_USER: The username to authenticate with.
  • DATABASE_PASSWORD: The password for the username.
  • DATABASE_PORT: The port PostgreSQL is listening to (This is typically 5432).
  • FLOWISE_SECRETKEY_OVERWRITE: Set to a secret key you choose. Used to encrypt API credentials within the database. The same key must be provided each deployment to read the saved credentials.
  • FLOWISE_USERNAME: The username you wish to use to authenticate with Flowise.
  • FLOWISE_PASSWORD: The password you wish to use to authenticate with Flowise.

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