A starter project using Unkey to authenticate requests to a Bun HTTP server.


Unkey is an open source API authentication and authorization platform for scaling user-facing APIs. Create, verify, and manage low-latency API keys in seconds.

This starter allows you to easily try Unkey to authenticate a Bun HTTP server.


  • A Unkey account to generate an API Key.

Try it out

Once the starter is deployed, you can perform a request to the Bun HTTP server deployed on Koyeb with the Authorization: Bearer <KEY> header.

curl https://<YOUR_APP_NAME>-<YOUR_KOYEB_ORG>.koyeb.app -H "Authorization: Bearer <UNKEY_API_KEY>"

Be sure to replace <YOUR_APP_NAME>, <YOUR_KOYEB_ORG>, and <UNKEY_API_KEY> with your own information.

The following request should return { "valid": true } and potentially more information about the key, depending on what you set up in the Unkey dashboard.

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