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Meet Kamil, Product Designer optimizing DX

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We have some exciting news to share! The team has just welcomed Kamil, our talented Product Designer who will help take our user experience to the next level.

As a distributed team with a strong presence in Europe, we are committed to delivering a cutting-edge, serverless solution that empowers businesses and developers to deploy their applications worldwide with ease.

In this interview, you'll get to know Kamil and learn how his skills and expertise are contributing to our mission to create an unparalleled user experience.

Why did you join Koyeb?

After 6 years spent in a large organization, I missed working on a very dynamic project, where things happen faster and my decisions have a key impact on product development. When I met the team members during the recruitment process, I knew right away that these are people with whom I feel very comfortable and that this is the product I am looking for.

Can you tell us about your background and how you started working in product design?

It started with digital photography in high school. I wanted to edit my photos, so I came across Photoshop. Soon after, I got a job in a small cinema. It turned out that in addition to selling tickets, they also needed someone to help with the website. I started doing it and it interested me a lot. Sometime later, I quit my job at the movie theatre and went into web design full-time.

When I took my first steps in the industry, almost no one in Poland mentioned usability design. So I was a web designer and I was responsible for creating the visual part of digital products. However, it soon turned out that this was not enough to be successful on the market (it was a time when new startups in my country sprouted like mushrooms). In order to achieve an advantage, it was necessary to stand out not by appearance, but by simplicity and ease of use. So I started looking for publications, trainings, and other sources on my own that would help me expand my skills.

What are your favorite parts of product design?

Definitely research - this is the moment when the team's hypotheses are verified with hard knowledge from users. Contact with the user gives extraordinary motivation to act because, on the other side, you have a tangible person who uses what I created together with the team.

How do you approach a new design project, from concept to launch?

I try to base my work on data. At the beginning of each process, it is important to gain knowledge about the user, his motivations, needs, and problems.

On this basis only, the team and I can choose what we should do next because it is important for our users. Then you have to generate as many ideas as possible together and decide on one of them. Before we implement it, we should test it with our users. Then comes the project implementation phase, where mutual understanding between the developer and the product designer is very important. After that, evaluation takes place - we have to check whether what we have designed and implemented actually changes something for the better on the user's side.

How do you balance aesthetics and functionality in your designs?

I'm not sure if we have to balance and choose between these two values. In my opinion, both of these areas are intertwined and form a coherent definition of good product design.

It is not difficult. The Internet today is a place full of inspiration. Sometimes, when you do your morning routine with the phone, it is enough to focus on how such a website works instead of focusing only on the content. In this way, we can observe new trends every day. However, it is more important to motivate ourselves to reach for new books or subscribe to websites where there is always an endless amount of knowledge.

What was the best vacation you ever went on?

I can't seem to point to specific ones. More and more often, I have a need to break away from civilization, the internet, and the hustle and bustle of big cities and I try to escape to the forest in my free time. In this context - I hope that the best holidays are yet to come.


What are your favorite hobbies or interests outside of work?

I love playing board games, running, and reading non-fiction literature.

Finally, how can we reach you on the Internet?

I am not very socially active on the internet. The only social media account I have is LinkedIn. It is even faster to communicate with me via email.

Looking for a challenge?

We are on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about building a top-notch cloud platform and shaping the future of cloud computing.

If you're someone who enjoys working with cutting-edge technologies, we encourage you to check out our current job openings on our careers page.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about how you can contribute to our mission!


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