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Koyeb Serverless Data Processing Platform Early Access

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How will you build the platforms of your projects in the 2020s? We will go cloud-first, try to be cloud-agnostic, attempt to go full serverless, and use plenty of cloud APIs to develop faster. Such a setup is hard to achieve with complexity on both the serverless and multicloud sides. Our goal is to make this possible and dead simple.

Today, we are excited to share more about the technology we are building to help you with your cloud journey and to deploy all your platforms in the 2020s. Our first step is to help developers and businesses run serverless data processing apps in minutes. We provide an easy to use platform to build production-grade workflows for all your data, including Image, Video, Audio, or document processing.

What does it actually mean? Here is what we’re bringing:

  • Data-processing Serverless Engine: a scalable, distributed, processing engine for short and long running processing tasks with primitives to easily work on data,
  • Workflow Orchestration: an easy way to build processing workflows, chain processing steps and track failures in complex workflows running on one or multiple cloud service providers,
  • Universal Object Storage: an S3 compliant API to push your data and store processing results on the cloud storage provider of your choice (i.e. GCP, Azure Blob, AWS S3, Vultr, DigitalOcean, Wasabi, Scaleway, or even Minio servers),
  • Ready-to-use integrations: a catalog of integrations to quickly implement data processing workflows for common use-cases.

We of course take care of all the infrastructure management and scaling of the platform for all the features to provide you a complete Serverless experience.

Here is what it looks like in action to build an image optimization and computer vision workflow:

We're glad to share we are now onboarding users as part of our early access phase!

Embracing Multicloud

When we started Koyeb in 2019, one of the core questions we had was: how would you build a platform running on top of multiple Cloud Service Providers?

To provide some context (we didn't wake up out of the blue with this question ;)), we spent the last decade building Cloud Service Providers and previously developed Scaleway, a European Cloud Service Provider. We had seen a lot of users in multicloud setups, for cost, availability, or features reasons. We also knew our new cloud-native world gravity center is data.

We decided to tackle a significant issue in our new cloud-native world: data in multicloud setups. We believe multicloud is essential for innovation at the Cloud Service Provider level, in-fine impacting all industries building on top of the cloud. As the IaaS and PaaS industry has matured, being able to select the best provider to build your product is essential.

Designed for developers

All features are available through our APIs, CLI and web interface. The APIs and CLI let you easily automate the creation of your processing stacks.

In parallel, we're working on adding support for Docker containers and custom functions to let our users combine catalog integrations with their own code in workflows. We also plan to quickly add support for new data sources to send, ingest, and import data from different services.

What is next?

As part of the early access phase, we're gathering as much feedback as we can to drive the roadmap and to best adapt to your needs. We conducted dozens of user interviews every month and built the platform from their. We already have over 100 users on the platform and are grateful to have strong backing with leading companies supporting our effort.

Join us on our community platform to discuss about Serverless, multicloud, Koyeb, or simply say Hello!

If you didn’t sign-up to get early access on Koyeb yet, ask for an invite today. Give it a try and tell us what you think, we need your feedback!

We're hiring Software Engineers including Growth Engineers! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter :)


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