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Koyeb raises €1.4M pre-seed to support your serverless journey

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Today we are delighted to announce our €1.4M pre-seed round!

Koyeb simplifies serverless application deployment and data-processing with a unified experience for containers, functions, and ready-to-use integrations. Koyeb is designed for the cloud-native world with native continuous deployment and GitHub integration, all combined with the ability to use the Cloud and API providers of your choice.

We've seen massive interest in the Koyeb technology from engineers and companies wanting to spend less time operating complex infrastructures and streamline the development of new features.

At a time where data is everywhere, Koyeb provides strong primitives for data-processing and realtime event-driven processing capabilities to build reactive, data-driven, applications.

We're happy to provide 1000 hours of compute, 1TB of storage, and 5TB of bandwidth per month for free until the end of the year! Get your account now!

More Than Money: Experience

We started one year ago as a team of three cloud veterans. When we started fundraising, we knew exactly what we were looking for with this pre-seed round: angel investors and entrepreneurs with proven experience in the Cloud Computing industry and an international vision to help us grow and expand Koyeb.

Koyeb Founding Team

This investment will be used to structure our core team and support our growing community. The Koyeb platform is completely developed by our in-house engineering teams to offer unique and innovative features.

This €1.4M investment will allow us to build a strong foundation in the upcoming year to address our business users' needs. We are building a first-class engineering team to support developers and companies relying on Koyeb for high-performance production usage. Want to build the cloud? Join us now!

The Lineup

We selected entrepreneurs, CTOs, and angel investors with substantial experience in the cloud industry to join Koyeb. This round was led by Jean-David Chamboredon and Juliette Mopin from ISAI, the fund backed by more than 250 tech entrepreneurs, and is primarily composed of successful angel investors:

  • Zachary Smith, Co-Founder of Packet and Managing Director Bare Metal, Equinix
  • Justin Ziegler, CEO of SaaS Partners, Co-Founder and former CTO of Priceminister
  • Alexis Lê-Quôc, Co-Founder and CTO of Datadog
  • Xavier Niel, through Kima Ventures, Entrepreneur and majority stakeholder in Iliad (Free, Scaleway)
  • Sébastien Lucas, Co-Founder of Oxalide
  • Hank Vigil, through AceCap, Former Senior Vice President Strategy Microsoft
  • Marc Jalabert, Former General Manager Microsoft
  • Amirhossein Malekzadeh, Co-Founder and former CEO of
  • Philippe Besnard, Managing Partner Fast-Up Partners and Co-Founder of Quantum Advertising
  • Eric Ouisse, Co-Founder and CTO of Ziwo
  • Dominique Vidal, Partner at Index Ventures and former Managing Director of Yahoo Europe
  • Fabrice Bernhard, Co-Founder and CTO of Theodo
  • Plug and Play Ventures, the ultimate innovation platform.


We're proud to be surrounded by successful entrepreneurs and a leading Venture Capital fund.

Applications are now hybrid multi-cloud by default. I'm excited by Koyeb and the focus that the founding team has on making it easier, faster and more secure for the next wave of developers to develop, deploy and lifecycle applications across infrastructures.

Zachary Smith, Co-Founder of Packet and Managing Director Bare Metal, Equinix

Over the past years, cloud development got more and more complicated. Many agree it has become a new branch of computer science that requires highly trained and highly experienced engineers. Koyeb makes cloud development simple again. Koyeb removes the pain of managing servers, VMs, or even containers. Thanks to Koyeb, developers can focus on business logic, assembling pieces of code, and seamlessly deploying them. Koyeb deals with the infrastructure and moreover the scaling and high availability of the infrastructure.

Justin Ziegler, CEO of SaaS Partners

The last decade has seen the emergence of an incredible amount of new cloud technologies with increased fragmentation of the tech stack. Koyeb brings simplicity to developers when the Cloud environment is becoming inherently more complex.

Alexis Lê-Quôc, Co-Founder and CTO of Datadog

We're grateful for the relentless support they provide us.

We also want to thank our institutional partners, BPI and Wilco, who participated in this round.

Looking Forward

After spending the 2010s decade building Cloud Service Providers, we spent the last year researching and building in the multi-cloud and serverless space. We started with the vision that multi-cloud would shape the next decade. One year later, we're strong believers that this is where the Cloud Industry is heading. Cloud Service and API providers all have different specialties to solve a variety of needs. Multi-cloud is not an end. It's a tool that allows developers and companies to work more efficiently by leveraging better features and the most cutting-edge technologies on the market.

On the other side, serverless is a huge cloud computing trend, which we believe will become the primary technology to deploy new applications. It completely abstracts complex virtual machine and container production architectures thanks to native, highly-available, and scalable deployments. Serverless reduces operational complexity and increases development speed by orders of magnitude.

Koyeb fits at the intersection of these two spaces, serverless and multi-cloud, providing users the right platform and indispensable tools to navigate these major industrial trends.

All the features of the Koyeb Cloud Platform are currently available for free in preview. Request your free account now!


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