Growth Software Engineer

We are looking for a talented Growth Software Engineer to drive exponential growth for Koyeb. You are passionate about technology and cloud infrastructure. You love to run experiments and measure the growth approaches of the future. You have technical skills and love to work cross-functionally to ship features that impact user acquisition, engagement, and revenue. This is a multi-disciplinary role where your missions will be around data science, product, marketing, design, and engineering to develop acquisition and deliver the best customer experience.

Your mission

As a Growth Software Engineer, you will develop, identify optimizations and improve user activation. You will build an innovative end-to-end experience, find new ways to expand Koyeb’s value proposition. You will:

  • proactively identify opportunities for growth, whether they are new innovations or optimizations of existing flows
  • run A/B tests to optimize the growth of a product
  • work with the team to prototype, implement, test and roll out new features to increase retention & engagement
  • measure everything and learn from experiments to deliver the best user experiences
  • develop and integrate the Koyeb Platform with 3rd party solutions
  • write high-quality technical blog posts that will be helpful to thousands of people
  • contribute to user documentation, tutorials, books, and more to help people use Koyeb

You will work directly with the co-founders to develop the global customer acquisition strategy.


If you join us, you should be comfortable with the following description of yourself. You:

  • have an international mindset and think global
  • are data-driven, you know decisions are more meaningful if they are based on data
  • are looking for a face-paced environment
  • are ambitious and believe small teams can have a huge impact
  • are working as a team member and understand the benefits of methodologies like Agile
  • are autonomous and structured, are able and willing to write specifications/plans before implementing/executing
  • are striving for continuous improvement and learning
  • understand we work to improve the product for our users


  • Competitive salary (€55k - €70k) and equity
  • Flexible working schedule and vacation policy, and real work/life balance
  • Insane company events
  • Remote-friendly environment
  • Full health coverage

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