Subcontractors & Sub-processors

Legal stuff

Koyeb uses certain subcontractors to assist in providing Koyeb Services to its customers. Subcontractor will be referred as sub-processor if the entity will or potentially have access to or process Personal Data.

What is a Subcontractor and a Sub-processor

A subcontractor is a third party engaged by Koyeb, who are providing services that enable Koyeb to provide the Services and/or will provide added value directly or indirectly to Koyeb’s customers. These subcontractors have or potentially have access to or process service data (which may contain Personal Data) in which case they will be referred to as a sub-processor.

Infrastructure Subcontractors

Back-End Services

Koyeb back-end services are located in co-location facilities and in the infrastructure subcontractors listed below. Koyeb controls the logical access to infrastructure running these services. Subcontractors don’t have access to these services.

Entity NamePurposeEntity Country
Google Cloud PlatformKoyeb control planeKoyeb console

Customer Workloads

Koyeb owns and controls access to the infrastructure that Koyeb uses to host Customer services and to store and process Customer Data. Subcontractor and region depend on which subcontractor and region Customer chooses to select. Customer Data will stay in the region selected by the Customer but may be shifted and co-located between different datacenters within the region to ensure performance and availability of the services. These subcontractors don’t have logical access to data.

Entity NamePurpose
Equinix MetalInfrastructure
IBM CloudInfrastructure
Amazon Web ServicesInfrastructure

Service Specific Subcontractors

Koyeb uses certain third parties listed below to provide specific functionality within the Services. In order to provide the relevant functionality these subcontractors have access to Service data, limited to the indicated Services.

Entity NamePurposeEntity Country
IntercomCustomer supportUSA