Koyeb Managed Stores Quickstart

Last updated 5 months ago

Koyeb Stores are resources to upload, store, and manage large amounts of data using the Koyeb Control Panel or an S3-compatible API.

You can create a Koyeb Managed Store or connect a third-party cloud storage provider to seamlessly manage and process your buckets via Koyeb.

In this guide, we create a Koyeb Managed Store to upload and manage data. Once your Store created, you will also be able to process data in realtime in your Stacks.

There are four steps to manage your Koyeb Store data:

  1. Create a new Koyeb Managed Store
  2. Manage data from the control panel
  3. Interact with Stores using S3cmd
  4. Upload data via S3 programmatically

Create a new Koyeb Managed Store

To create a new Koyeb Managed, on the left-side menu click "Stores". You land on the Stores page listing your existing Stores. Click the "NEW" button to create a Store.

On the Store creation page, select "Koyeb Store" as a cloud service provider and give a name to your Store. Click the "CREATE STORE" button.

Your Store is being provisioned and will be ready to use in a few seconds. Once your Store becomes active you can start the upload and manage data.

Manage data from the control panel

In the Explorer tab of your Store you can create folders, upload data, delete files and explore your data.

Let's start by uploading some data. Click the "UPLOAD" button, a modal opens and lets you drag and drop your files. Select the files you want to upload and click the "UPLOAD" button.

Once the upload done, you will see your freshly uploaded files in the explorer. On each file, you can hover the file name to copy a temporary signed URL to access the file and see the file content-type.

The "NEW FOLDER" button allows you to create a folder to upload files on a specific path.

At any time you can delete files and folder by selecting them and click the "DELETE" button. This action is irreversible and all files deleted can be recovered.

Koyeb Managed Stores are data storage area, provided by Koyeb offering reliable, secure storage environment to store all your data. Each Koyeb Managed Store you create is isolated, replicated, and secure.