Interact with Stacks using the S3 API endpoint

Last updated 6 months ago

This page shows how to interact with Stacks using the S3 API endpoint in Python and Node.js to upload and process your files.

Interact with Stores using S3cmd

To interact with your Store and upload content, you can use any S3-compatible tools.

This section demonstrates how to upload content to your Stack using S3cmd. S3cmd is a command-line tool and client for uploading, retrieving, and managing data using the S3 protocol.

  1. Download and install S3cmd.
  2. Create new Store credentials to interact with the Koyeb S3-compatible API. On the left side panel, click API. On the API page, click the "NEW" button in the S3 credentials section to generate new Store credentials.
  3. In a terminal, type s3cmd --configure to generate an S3cmd configuration file to interact with your Stack.
3Default Region [US]: eu-west-1
4S3 Endpoint []:

If you now type in your terminal: s3cmd ls, you see your existing Stores list.

You can now start uploading files and interact with S3cmd. For instance, to upload files to a Store run, the following command s3cmd put ~/file01 ~/file02 ... s3://store-name.

For more information on how S3cmd works, check out the documentation.