Koyeb Stores

Last updated 5 months ago

On the Koyeb platform, stores provide an easy way to upload and store your data with Koyeb or on the cloud service provider of your choice using an S3-Compatible API. Koyeb Stores are similar to object storage buckets, sometimes also called blob containers.

Stores can be used to store any kind of data, including:

  • Media files: Images, Audio, High Resolution Videos
  • AI Related content: datasets, models
  • Small files: CSV, log files, JSON data
  • Large files: Backups, Docker images, packages
  • Or more generally anything which can be encoded and stored on a drive

All stores benefit from the same features, no matter the cloud service provider you use:

  • a unified explorer to browse all your files from a single interface
  • a unified S3 API, to programatically access all your files in the same way
  • native events to trigger real-time serverless data processing in your Koyeb stacks

You can connect and use stores to store the data processed by your Stacks.

FIXME We povide two kinds of store:

  • Cloud Service Providers Stores: you can connect your own cloud service provider account. You can change the default Store by transparently connecting external cloud storage providers to your Stacks. By connecting an external Store to your Stacks, you benefit from a unified API and protocol (S3) to upload your data.
  • Koyeb Managed Stores Koyeb Managed Stores are data storage area, provided by Koyeb offering reliable, secure storage environment to store all your data. Each Koyeb Managed Store your create is isolated, replicated, and secure. By default, Koyeb offers managed storage space to let you start processing your data with minimal configuration and benefit of a robust and secure storage platform.