Koyeb Stores

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On the Koyeb platform, Stores provide an easy way to upload and store your data.

In short, you can store your data either in a Koyeb Store or with the third-party cloud service provider of your choice by using an S3-Compatible API. Regardless of which cloud service provider you use to store your data on Koyeb, all Stores on Koyeb benefit from the same features:

  • A unified explorer to browse all your files from a single interface
  • A unified S3 API, to programmatically access all your files in the same way
  • Native events to trigger real-time serverless data processing in your Koyeb stacks

Stores on Koyeb can be used to store any kind of data, including:

  • Media files: images, audio, high-resolution videos
  • AI-related content: datasets and models
  • Small files: CSV, log files, JSON data
  • Large files: backups, Docker images, packages
  • Generally speaking, any data that can be encoded and stored on a drive

Stores on Koyeb

At the moment, Koyeb supports two kinds of Stores:

Koyeb Managed Stores

Koyeb Managed Stores are data storage areas provided by Koyeb. Koyeb Stores are similar to object storage buckets or blob containers.

Koyeb Stores are reliable and secure storage environments where you can store all of your data. Each Koyeb Managed Store that you create is isolated, replicated, and secure. Koyeb's managed storage space allows you to start processing your data with minimal configuration and take advantage of a robust and secure storage platform.

Third-Party Cloud Service Providers Stores

Another storage option supported by Koyeb is connecting your Koyeb account to your own third-party cloud service provider account. From your Koyeb Control Panel, you can connect an external cloud storage providers to your Koyeb Stacks. When you connect a third-party Store to your Koyeb Stacks, you will benefit from a unified S3-Compatible API and protocol, making it easy for you to upload your data.

Learn how to create your first Store on Koyeb with one of our Quickstart Guides.

Regional Availability

Currently, Koyeb Managed Stores are available in the Koyeb eu-west-1 region. We plan to add more regions in 2021, with a priority geared towards North America and APAC.



This section provides short, hands-on, guides to use all built in Koyeb Stores features.

Third-party Store

This documentation explains how to connect third-party cloud storage providers to Koyeb.


This section covers advanced topics including troubleshooting informations.

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