Track Stack processing executions

Updated 2 months ago

This documentation showcases how to track the processing executions of files processed by your Stack Workflows. When you upload and process data, you can follow the execution status of each file ingested by the Stack.

Processing executions are useful to track the status of files during processing. For each execution you get:

  • Key: The object name identifier.
  • Status: The state of the execution.
  • Status message (optional): The error message in case of failed execution.
  • Updated at: The last time your execution has been updated.

Processing executions are only active if your Stack has at least one Workflow enabled.

Each execution can have one of the following statuses:

  • PENDING: The object execution is waiting for processing.
  • SCHEDULED: The object execution is in the processing queue.
  • RUNNING: The object execution is running.
  • SKIPPED: The object execution is skipped and not processed.
  • SUCCESS: The object execution performed with success.
  • FAILED: The object execution failed.
  • CANCELED: The object execution has been canceled.

For each execution with the FAIlED, CANCELLED, and SKIPPED status, you can relaunch the execution manually click the relaunch icon on the right side of the execution.

For each execution with the PENDING, SCHEDULED, RUNNING status, you can manually cancel the execution.

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