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Updated 3 months ago

This page shows how to connect a third-party cloud storage provider to a Stack to let you integrate with your existing storage environment.

After you connect a third-party storage provider to a Stack, all files uploaded and processed by your Stack will be store on the Stack Store you defined.

There are four steps to deploy a new Stack:

  1. Configure the destination Store
  2. Select a Store integration
  3. Configure the Store integration
  4. Deploy the Stack

Get started

On the Koyeb control panel navigation bar, click the "CREATE" button and select "Create Stack."

Koyeb home with create menu expanded

You land on the Stack creation page.

Configure the destination Store

By default, Koyeb creates a Store for your Stack. To connect a third-party cloud storage provider to act as your Stack Store, click the edit icon in the store section.

Stack new with edit store open

Select a Store integration

A drawer opens listing the integration available as a Store. In this documentation, I configure AWS S3 as a store for my Stack. The procedure for other Store integration is quite similar.

Configure the Store integration

Stack new with edit store s3 selected

To configure the Store, I need to define the bucket name and region to use to store the data processed by the Stack. Parameters may vary depending on the integration you select.

Deploy the Stack

We are now ready to deploy our Stack and start processing data. Click the "CREATE STACK" button to provision the freshly configured Stack.

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All files uploaded and processed by your Stack are stored on the third-party cloud storage provider your configured.