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Koyeb Stacks allow you to easily build and deploy all your processing logic without infrastructure management. They include native auto-scaling and high-availability features. A Stack is composed of:

  • Functions: A stack contains one or multiple functions with an arbitrary mix of Node.js, Python, and Docker containers. The function execution is triggered by a user-defined event type.
  • An integrated event bus: The event bus triggers functions in reaction to events coming from different sources:
    • Stores: Koyeb Stores can emit events when a file is created, updated, or deleted
    • HTTP calls: The user can programmatically perform an HTTP call with an arbitrary event payload
    • Time based: A recurring, scheduled event, similar to a cron schedule

Stacks can be used for:

  • real-time data-processing: you can process, transform, analyze or optimize any data
  • scheduled tasks: you can trigger recurrent processing or data manipulation tasks on a predefined schedule

Each Stack you create is:

  • Event-driven, with a high-performance event bus allowing your Stack to receive Store events, scheduled events, or user-defined events.
  • Versioned, with a complete history of your Stacks modifications and deployments.
  • Git-driven, you can optionally link your Stack to a git repository and benefit from continuous deployment each time you push your commits.
  • Scalable, the number of processing functions scales automatically, depending of the number of events received.
  • Fault-tolerant, we manage all of the underlying infrastructures and take care of all server failures.

Stacks are designed to be easily coupled with Koyeb multi-cloud Stores to process data from any cloud to the next.

In your Stack, you can use:

  • pre-made integrations available in the Koyeb catalog
  • your code and containers

We have designed several guides to give you a good understanding of all the capabilities of the Koyeb platform. Browse them as you wish and contact us if you need any help!

Stack Guides


This section provides short, hands-on, guides to use all built in Koyeb features.


This section covers advanced topics including troubleshooting informations.


Stack Reference

The ultime stack reference with all configuration and tuning options.