Updated 3 months ago

Koyeb Stacks are environments to upload, process, and store any files. Each Stack you create is a new, isolated environment you can use to ingest, process, and store your data.



Koyeb provides for all Stacks a dedicated S3-compatible API endpoint to let you easily upload your data. Additionally to the Koyeb S3 Gateway, you can connect with third-party integrations to import data, such as AWS S3 importer, DigitalOcean Spaces importer, and much more.

Source integrations are connectors that allow you to trigger data transfers programmatically with a simple API call. Create recurring import tasks to integrate with your data workflows, backup your data, or build advanced scenarios.


Koyeb Workflows are a series of processing actions performed on your data. You can compose your processing Workflows using tons of ready-to-use integrations or get started in minutes using 1-click Workflow templates.

Using Koyeb processing Workflows, you can combine different cloud services from one unified platform. Test, switch, and deploy the best processing integrations depending on your needs.


By default, Koyeb offers managed storage space to let you start processing your data with minimal configuration and benefit of a robust and secure storage platform.

You can change the default Store by transparently connecting external cloud storage providers to your Stacks. By connecting an external Store to your Stacks, you benefit from a unified API and protocol (S3) to upload your data.


Browse all your files via a single place, no matter the cloud service provider you use as a Stack Store.


  • Stacks can only have one Store. We plan to add multi-store support in the future.

  • When composing a Workflow, you need to add the Export step after each processing function you want to output the result to your Store. If your Workflows don't have at least an Export step, no data are written in your Store.

  • Stack processing actions are performed asynchronously. Depending on the processing integrations you use, the execution time may vary. While the execution is performing, the processed files are not visible in your Store until it ends.

  • File ACLs you define using S3-compatible SDKs and tools are applied only to the source file. All files generated by processing actions are written with private ACLs to the Store.

  • By default, if your Workflows do not contain an If rule, all files enter the Workflow and are processed.

Regional Availability

Currently, Stacks are only available in the Koyeb eu-west-1 region (St. Ghislain, Belgium). We plan to add more regions in the coming months with a priority on the opening of point of presence in the US and APAC.