Services and Integrations

Updated 3 months ago

Koyeb Services and Integrations allow you to connect third-party providers and use third-party integrations to ingest, process and store your data.

Services and Service Configurations

Service and Service Configurations are Koyeb notions that allow you to securely store your access credentials for third-party providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, etc. with us.

A Service can contain as many service configurations you want. So you can create different configurations with specific credentials permission depending on the integrations you want to use in your Stacks and Deliveries.

Creating Service Configurations allow you to re-use the same storage credentials across many integrations without having to duplicate them each time.


Integrations are processing actions, sources, stores, or workflow templates you can use in your Stacks and Deliveries.

Integration is associated with a Service and needs a valid Service Configuration to be used properly.

Below are the different types of integrations available to date:


Integrations of type STORE are used to store in Stacks and deliver your content in Deliveries.


Integrations of type SOURCE are used to upload and ingest data in Stacks.

Processing actions

Integrations of type PROCESSING are used in Workflows as processing steps to process your data.

Workflow templates

Integrations of type WORKFLOW are preconfigured processing pipeline you can use in Stacks.