Koyeb Managed Stores

Updated 3 months ago

Koyeb Managed Stores are data storage area, provided by Koyeb offering reliable, secure storage environment to store all your data. Each Koyeb Managed Store your create is isolated, replicated, and secure.

You can connect and use Koyeb Managed Stores to store the data processed by your Stacks and to distribute content using Deliveries.

Koyeb Managed Stores are independent of Stacks and Deliveries. That means if you edit the store used by a Stack or Delivery, delete a Stack or Delivery, your data are kept safe and stay untouched.


  • Koyeb Stores' content can only be accessed via Deliveries or Stacks.

  • Koyeb Stores are regionalized and can only be used with Stacks within the same region.

Regional Availability

Currently, Koyeb Managed Stores are only available in the Koyeb eu-west-1 region (St. Ghislain, Belgium). We plan to add more regions in the coming months with a priority on the opening of point of presence in the US and APAC.