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Environments to ingest, process, and store your data.


Integration of type SOURCE to upload and ingest your data. At the moment, only one source is available to upload your content, the Koyeb S3-API endpoint.


A series of processing integrations to transform, optimize, and analyze your data. You can build a Workflow from scratch or use a Workflow template.

Workflow template

Pre-built Workflows implementing the business logic of the most popular use cases allowing you to get started in seconds.


An integration of type STORE to store the files processed by your stack. A store can be a Koyeb Managed Store or a third-party cloud storage service.


An object execution element providing information to track the execution of a file in a Stack Workflow.


Environment to distribute your content.

Index URI

The web page to display when accessing the root path of your Delivery.

Error URI

The web pas to show in case of an error on your Delivery. I.e., when the page does not exist.


A domain you own and want to use to deliver your content. When adding a domain, you need to add a CNAME record to point on your Delivery URI.


A third-party cloud provider re-usable configuration to use tierce vendor integrations.


A store, processing action, source, or workflow template that you can use in your Stacks and Deliveries. Integrations are provided by Koyeb or third-party vendors. Integration providers are called Services.


An integration of type STORE that can be used store and deliver your content.


Integration of type SOURCE to upload and ingest your data.

Processing action

Integration of type PROCESSING used in a Workflow to analyze, transform, or optimize your data.

API token

A token generated by Koyeb to interact with the Koyeb API.

Stack credentials

A set of credentials generated by Koyeb to interact with your Stacks via the Koyeb S3-API endpoint.