Updated 3 months ago

Koyeb Deliveries is a service that lets you distribute your data no matter the cloud storage provider you use. Connect your Deliveries with any CDNs on the market and minimizes page load times, improves performance, and reduces bandwidth and infrastructure costs.


Unique URLs

Creating a Delivery gives you a unique URL to use as logical units for segmenting your content.

Custom Store support

Connect Delivery Store to the cloud storage services of your choice and start to serve your content with minimal effort.

Connect with any CDNs

Once your Delivery created, you can connect it to any CDNs to speed up your content delivery.

Custom domain

Deliveries let you use your domain to serve your assets. Add and configure the domain you want to use while creating your Delivery, configure CNAME, you access your Delivery via your own URL.

Static hosting

Deliveries support index and error URI configuration so you can use your Deliveries to serve static websites.


  • Deliveries can only use one Store to serve master data. We plan to add multi-store support in the future.

Regional Availability

Currently, Deliveries are only available in the Koyeb eu-west-1 region (St. Ghislain, Belgium). We plan to add more regions in the coming months with a priority on the opening of point of presence in the US and APAC first.